S is for Scripture

S is for Scripture

As you peruse Scripture reading for a given day, ask the Lord to bring home to your heart one text in particular.

That is a prayer the Holy Spirit loves to answer.

He will highlight one verse or thought that momentarily stops you in your tracks or seems to shine out from the page. He will whisper, “This is for you – this is a promise you can hold to” or ”This instruction will get you back on track.” Whatever the text is, write it down in your journal. Copy out the verse at the top of your entry for that day.

Taking Hold of Your Future

Cart track in Upperaustria leads to the sky.

“Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.” Ecclesiastes 11:4 Solomon is teaching us a “life essential.” It is a class on taking the initiative to take hold of your future. What is it that needs to be accomplished? What needs to be done this week that you have been procrastinating for the last month? What are those important, future shaping decisions you’ve Read More

What is the Purpose of Life?

ML 12 What is the Purpose of Life

A young man in our church recently asked me for my thoughts on what is our main purpose in life. God’s purpose for us on earth would be like any loving parent in having children. If they are good parents, it would be the result of their love, and they would indeed pour out their love on their child. Then the parent would want the best for their child, a future and a hope. “‘For I know the plans Read More

When Your Marriage is Sinking

12 -30 When Your Marriage is Sinking

God’s Desire “Lift up your tired hands and strengthen your trembling knees. Keep walking on straight paths so that the lame foot may not be disabled, but instead be healed. Try to be at peace with everyone and try to live a holy life …” (Heb. 12:12-14). God’s highest, utmost desire is always to restore. That’s His greatest purpose for any of us, and He especially wants to restore Read More

What About Marriage and Divorce?

What About Marriage and Divorce

Help Needed!

God knows we need help, especially in a relationship that’s as precious as marriage. Marriage deals with children, generations and legacy. In a relationship as precious as marriage, God knows that we need help, and so He gave us help. Genesis 2 tells us what He says about that help and where that help comes from.