What I wished I learned in college?

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We asked the top pastors and Christian leaders the following questions; "What would be best courses or classes that you wished you had studied in college or seminary but were never taught?" "What would you like to teach your leaders, staff, or members in your congregation or organization to help them to become a better leader and witness to the World?" From this leadership survey, we came up with this list of ten "Leadership Essentials" in the form of ten classes for $49 in which you can earn a "Leadership Certificate".

  • Thinking Like a Leader
  • Leading Like Jesus
  • The Leader's Inner Life
  • Ethics and the Moral Gap
  • Biblical Principles of Problem Solving
  • Defining Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Successful Financing
  • The Effective Communicator 1
  • The Effective Communicator 2

Apple and Google don't need more leaders or workers. However the Bride of Christ does. Every year 3,600 churches close their doors. And we don't plant enough new churches to cover this leadership and ministry deficit. Jesus said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." (Matt 9:37 NIV).

Why a Certificate

  • Online classes on your mobile device or computer
  • Study and learn at your own pace
  • 10 classes for $49
  • Learn from top leaders like Wayne Cordeiro and others
  • Study alone or in a group

I'm praying that you will respond to His Call. Begin your journey with us today!

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro


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