In-Service Training

New Hope International trains leaders not only through its certificate and degree programs, but also “in-service.”

One hiring mistake with an underdeveloped leader can cost a local church over $100,000 in its first year. Often the flat spots don't appear until a year or two after the hire, but with veteran coaching early on, drastic leadership errors can be mitigated.

Dr. Cordeiro has coached and trained hundreds of leaders of all types and stages of growth, and his experience can help bring fruitfulness and health to your local church.

Often, a leader’s most needed counsel comes only after he or she is placed in a ministry assignment. Prior to that time, every problem is “theoretical” at best, but when they face struggles and roadblocks, their leadership is tested and the ministry can suffer should the leader make poor choices.

New Hope International provides not only tested and proven veterans, but coaches and friends that understand.

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro
Pastor Wayne Cordeiro has been in full time ministry for 45 years. He has authored 13 leadership books, is the general editor of the LifeConnect study bible, and has developed the Life Journal devotional system used by thousands of churches. He has also planted over 150 churches both nationally and internationally.
Gary Matsdorf
Gary is one of New Hope Christian College’s top professors in biblical leadership. He also travels internationally teaching pastors and leaders around the globe. His ability to communicate truth and leadership principles makes him an often requested instructor of leaders.
Other trainers and coaches:
Aaron Cordeiro
Gary Emery
John Tilton
Calvin Kochi

New Hope International provides leadership clinics as well as personal coaching.

Leadership Clinics
Leadership clinics are usually a one day workshop which may last anywhere between 3-6 hours. These can be broken into 1 hour sessions with Q&A times where attendees can unpack leadership essentials.
Topics include:
  • The Changing Face of the 21st Century Church
  • Biblical answers to unbiblical lifestyles
  • Where have all the leaders gone?
  • Ageless Answers to Millennial Questions
  • The Art oCorrecting People Biblically
  • Finding Funds for Vision
  • Evangelism at its best
  • Increasing your Potential 
  • How to Bounce Back from Failure
Personal Coaching
Often a church board hires a pastor with hopes that they will do well, succeed in ministry, reach more with the Gospel and enfranchise those who have left the church. However, a new pastor may not have the life experiences necessary to have developed the skill-set to accomplish what is expected. He may have the desire but not the capacity to
New Hope International brings an executive coach alongside the new pastor for up to 6 months. The coach will spend one day once per month on-site and a weekly Skype or phone call meeting with the leader.
Each receiving church covers the travel and per-diem costs of the coach for a reasonable monthly fee.
No board wants to trade the preferred future of a local church simply because of inexperience or idealism.
The cost for success is great, but the cost for failure is infinitely greater.