My Top Five Percent

If you and I are going to enjoy healing and rest at our very core, we must discover and discern the top 5 percent of life.
Eight-five percent of what we do, anyone can do: checking e-mail, answering messages, attending meetings, reading the newspaper or trade journals, and making simple decisions. These tasks don’t require an elite expertise or specialized skill. Many of these tasks can be delegated to others so we can concentrate on what’s most important to the job we have been given to do.

Remember the Sabbath

Sometimes, as busy pastors and leaders we think, “I’ve got so much to do I just can’t take a Sabbath.” NO, that’s very wrong thinking. You’ll kill yourself. For years I’ve had a plan for taking my Sabbath. Sometimes I found that I wasn’t able to take a whole day off all at once, in one nice neat package, so then I’d take snip-its of Sabbaths. I’d take an afternoon here and a morning somewhere else, but basically one day out of seven I’d desist—it might be an afternoon here and a morning there, but it would total one day a week. Then I’d also take off every seventh weekend. I’d be out of the pulpit.