The Importance of Asking Questions

In this Leadership Toolbox video, learn from Steve Jobs as he talks about the importance of asking questions. Often we can feel intimidated. However, as Steve Jobs points out, asking questions is something that will help take one’s leadership to the next level. Tell us what you think!  // Read More

Coaching Network – Webinar Preview

This video is a short sample of the content that is available as a part of the Pastoral Coaching Network that will be starting in August. Click the link below for more information. Learn More About the Coaching Network Read More

Man Up With Linking Shields

This video is about an organization based in Bellevue Washington that tries to get men to live in closer community with each other and learn to serve more within the Church. They’re having a ton of success in a very un-christian part of the world and I thought you might be able to pick up some cool innovations from them. …

Do Membership Like USC

Assimilation Pastor David Coronado from Abundant Living Family Church and Justin Blaney from Innovate 4 Jesus talk about how to increase church membership through innovative best practices that David learned while attending an orientation at USC. Read More

Build Sticky Teams With Larry Osborne

Lead Pastor Larry Osborne from North Coast Church and Justin Blaney from Innovate 4 Jesus talk about how to turn failure into innovation, how to say goodbye to squeaky wheel church members, and how to build stronger teams. Read More