Truth Versus an Ideology

There is a big difference between truth—where we, as God’s people, must stand—versus ideology. If we are not careful, we will buy into an ideology that might be political or it could be religious.

The Pharisees bought into an ideology. In chapter 9 of the book of John, the Lord said to the Pharisees—because they had a certain belief, they had a certain conclusion. They believed that this was the way things should go and if anything didn’t fall into their pattern, it couldn’t be God.

In the eyes of the Pharisees, Jesus came, was born in a manger, and He broke the Sabbath. They felt that there was nothing new that could actually be known about God that they didn’t already know. So, when it broke their ideology, they were blind to the truth.

Now, the same thing can happen to us with politics or religion—we buy into an ideology and allow others to do the research for us. We buy into an ideology and we believe—we trust—that they have done all of the Scriptural rigor necessary to evaluate what’s best and we don’t think for ourselves. In these last days, we have to make sure that we are leaders of truth and not just an ideology. Otherwise, we will buy into things without even thinking twice about it. We will believe that we are thinking in an informed way but we’ve simply bought into another ideology.

The Bible says that when the Pharisees had such a strong ideology and were not open to new truths, then they became those who were blind. That can happen to us as well; we can become those who can no longer see.

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  1. I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. He, breathed truth into His words therefore we can live and discern truth by reading and pausing on what has been read.The Holy Spirit is our teacher,we are His students now that we are”Born Again” How many people really understand this truth? I Do!.We have the Spirit of God that will teach us to discern Ideology – vs – Truth.
    Every Christian must hunger and thirst for more of God’s leading this comes by reading the Bible,that artifact that has been replaced by Power point technology,and colorful bulletins. Read His word, only then, will you know how to discern the truth. Yes, He has appointed Pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints, therefore leaders must study!!! and read the Bible!! so that they are equipped to build and edify the saints.Don’t just rely on another persons sermon, study yourself approved. Our world is evolving quickly. The most important truth is to understand the Gospel and teach this truth that will save for eternity our family,friends and every person that we come in contact with. Yes,be aware of latest information but most importantly breath in His word then you will know the truth and then you can teach That The Truth will sit you Free. Thanks Pastor Wayne,continue to redeem the time. In Christ Michael Alonzo

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