Living Intentionally

For years, I have made “to do” lists. They have kept me on target and I’ve saved hundreds of unplanned dollars. Ever gone shopping without one? The most devastating combination is … shopping at a grocery store while being hungry! Every food item on each aisle calls your name: the chips beckon, salsa dances, and the aroma of fried chicken in the deli section enthralls your senses as never before.

But life at its best has to be lived intentionally. Yes, that means planning something that seems seems so unpopular and even unspiritual! But we are probably never closer to His image then when we live intentionally! If God planned salvation before time even began, the least we can do is plan out our day!

Let me suggest another list to go along with your “to do’s.”

It’s a “not-to-do” list.

In this season of my life, spare time is limited. I fly between Hawaii (to oversee our New Hope churches) and Eugene, Oregon (as Chancellor of Eugene Bible College). Needless to say, I don’t let too much moss grow under my feet. But in order to accomplish what God has assigned to me in this season, I had to make two lists: a “to-do” and a “NOT-TO-DO” list.

I have to put aside certain activities until what God had assigned is completed. On my not-to-do list is watching television. I have chosen to limit my time surfing (a silent prayer is offered here) and I have chosen to do less managing and more leading. But I’ve noticed that my not-to-do list has helped me to live much more intentionally. I don’t attend many movies so the ones I do, I choose well. I don’t have a great deal of discretionary time, so when I do, I treasure every moment with gratefulness!

What is your “not-to-do” list?

Learn to say “no,” and your choices will actually increase in value. Build a “not-to-do” list. It will help you to live intentionally. And when you learn to say “no,” your “yes” becomes far more powerful.

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  1. So true… A “not-to-do” list provides great balance and got me to reflect. So much that I AM doing prevents me from doing the things I should be doing.

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