Financial Contentment

You might ask if financial contentment has anything to do with time management. You better believe it does. If you get over extended on your consumer credit cards, watch how much time it will steal from you. If you don’t understand simplicity of life and how to just be content driving a used car, and having a simpler house in order for you to put your major eggs in the basket of ministry, it can destroy you. If you are okay with living a more modest lifestyle, you will add years to your life. If you don’t have financial contentment you’re going to say, “Man I’ve got to work more hours because I’ve got to pay off these bills.”You’ve got to get your house in order.

In Hilo we were running around 1,500 people but because it was a smaller, somewhat poor community, we weren’t paid that much. Anna and I were okay with having a little house and we drove used cars. With my pick-up truck, just to save money, I took my own rubbish to the dump. The little truck that I’d bought for $500 had holes in the floorboard. It was kind of cool ’cause I could see the road passing by through the floorboard. The door fell off because the hinge rusted out when you opened it, but I tied it with a rope and it was fine. My wife hated to drive it but we were content. That’s a rather extreme example but it’s a true one and we were okay with it.

In Phil 4:11 & 12 Paul talks about being content with abundance or scarcity. So when I travel, if those hosting me give me a really nice suite in a hotel I’m really happy. I love it. But if we get a little teeny one, were still happy and we still love it. Contentment is the key.

Does that mean you’ll always be impoverished? No! But if you have to live in a cardboard box for a season be content.

There’s a very successful, multi-millionaire, grand restaurateur who was asked in an interview, “When did you become successful?” I will never forget his answer. He said, “I was successful when I didn’t have a penny in my pocket. I just needed time to get it all together, but I was successful when I didn’t have a dime.” Isn’t that good. It’s within us. I don’t have a dime, but I’m fine: I’m very fruitful, I’m successful, I can still do a bunch of things. The potential is within us. Do you understand? It gives us a bright future.

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