Leadership Q&A – Ready to Lead


How do you know when someone is ready to lead?


One of the most conspicuous ways to know if someone is ready to lead others is by how well he is able to lead himself. I watch their personal disciplines in their daily devotions. I observe their punctuality, their words and attitudes. Can they manage their own time well? If they are not able to in their own life, they will mismanage time in other people’s lives as well. Can they steward their finances? If not, they will not be able to manage greater riches such as influence and authority. Luke 16:11 reminds us of this: “Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you?”

The other key is to watch the Hand of God on their life and ministry. Is there an anointing in such a fashion that others notice it too? In other words, simply observe whether or not people are drawn to this person. Do they seek counsel or advice from him or her? Do they confide in them or does anyone ever share who he or she has helped them?

Watch the hand of God. If there is evidence of God’s choosing, then we can simply ratify that and affirm the fact that if they are good to go with God, they are good to go with me!

Of course this does not signify that they are above mentoring and supervision. Much will be learned along the way. But if they are teachable, if they use wisdom, if they have foundational principles by which they live, and if there is evidence of God’s hand on their life, then leadership will naturally follow.

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