Leadership Q&A – Unity Obstacles


What are some common obstacles to unity on a committee or ministry team?


Unity needs to be defined at the onset so that it is not confused with conformity. One focuses a collective strength toward a common goal while the other focuses on reducing problems with one another.

I have found that unity, true unity, does not always lend to calm seas. When we are compelled toward a certain calling, we will sharpen one another, encourage and sometimes prod each other, and even when we are made uncomfortable, unity is still in motion.

So one of the main obstacles? It is not identifying what we are to be all about. Without a clear, concise vision that is understood by everyone, unity is compromised. And let me hasten to add: there is one thing worse than a ministry without vision. It is a ministry with too many visions! Then you have the seeds of dissent in the very inception of the ministry.

Always keep the vision of what God has asked you to accomplish before you at all times. Identify it, write it, tell stories about it, and celebrate when you accomplish it. Post it on the walls and in your messages: “This is who we are and this is what we have been assigned by God to accomplish as a team.” This is the greatest corrective mechanism that always brings us back to a team that is unified on the same God given assignment. This bring alignment rather than comparison. It brings us back to“what’s right” and not necessarily “who’s right.”

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