Watching and Waiting

“And as Jesus returned, the people welcomed Him, for they had all been waiting for Him.” Luke 8:40

I believe that people are waiting for Jesus. Here’s what I mean. Take a look again at the verse. “They had all been waiting for Him,” for His healing, His words, His instructions and His presence.

I believe that people are waiting for Jesus! Every person regardless of whether or not they are Christians.

They are not waiting for religious words with condescending tones. They are not waiting for more of the same-old-same-old. What they ARE waiting for is a genuine touch from God. Hearts are made for His touch, and regardless of whether or not we recognize it, we are all designed that way.

People are waiting for His touch.

Whether they are Christian or non-Christian, they are waiting for His touch. His word. His presence.

Whether it is my wife, or a staff member, an employee, or even a stranger, they are all waiting for Him … No, not for a sermon, not for a religious treatise, not for a condescending remark that has biblical overtones. They are waiting for a genuine touch of Jesus.


Several weeks ago while checking in for a quick round of golf with my wife Anna, the starter stepped out from behind his desk and said, “Pastor, can I talk for a moment? I don’t go to any church, but I see you here from time to time. Could you give me some advice? I’m hurting today.”

For the next 20 minutes, he poured his heart out about his relationships at home and how the fires had cooled. I listened, shared a few things, then I prayed for him between the cart return area and the water fountain. This last Sunday, I saw him in church. His countenance was lifted and he smiled at me as he shook my hand. I knew he had received a touch from heaven.

He had been waiting for Jesus.

Last week, I stopped in a local diner with a friend for a bite to eat. Just after the waitress stopped to deliver our menus, another lady slid into my booth and apologetically said, “I know you are busy and are getting ready to eat, but I just had to say ‘thank you.’ Last year, I was slated for an operation on my heart and on Easter, you prayed for me. I went in for surgery and the surgeon sent me home. I didn’t need any surgery, and I have never thanked you.”

“No,” I replied. “I just delivered the news. The gift came from the One who loves you dearly, and His name is Jesus.”

“Well, she continued, “I have another problem now. My sister was just found dead in a car crash yesterday. Our family has no idea what to do. Can you help us?” She put her head down and began weeping. I laid my hand on her shoulder and prayed.

She was waiting for Jesus.

My wife Anna is waiting today for a touch from Jesus. My assistant is waiting for a word from Jesus. I am writing this at a Starbucks coffee shop in Palm Springs, California. I know I could go up to any person and say, “Excuse me. I sure don’t want to bother you, but could I just reassure you of God’s love today? He would want you to know how special you are to him.”

Now they may think you are strange at first, but they will never forget that gentle touch from Jesus. Everyone is waiting for Him.

Underneath, leaders have a shepherd’s mantle on their shoulders. Never forget that. We may deal with strategic plans, restructuring organizations, public speaking, staff training, and making calculated investments for financial increase. But the irreducible bottom line that we must be aware of is this: People are waiting for Jesus.

So … don’t keep them waiting. Be a Shepherd. Jesus has already prepared the appointments. Just watch for them. It might be at the golf course, a local diner, or even at home. But let’s not keep them waiting.

And by the way, you might like to know … your mantle is starting to show.

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