Urgency In Life

Breath is for but a moment. It refreshes the lungs and brings another few seconds of life to the human body, but then it is used up and gone. It cannot be extended for more than a few minutes at most, but though a breath may be kept, it will lose its effectiveness to oxygenate after a minute or so.

“Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.” (Psalm 144:4)

God likens our life on this earth to a breath to remind us of how brief our time is here. And like a test in school, I have to realize that when the period is over, I must turn in my paper regardless of whether or not I have completed the test. Any unanswered questions will go unanswered and any problem I did not attempt to resolve is marked “wrong.”

I must try! I must pace myself according to the time limits. I can never lose a sense of urgency for what God has called me to do in such a brief time. I cannot lose focus or be distracted with worldly things. I have been redeemed and given a new life; I am a new creation with a purpose and an eternal assignment. And as Jesus said in Luke 2, “I must be about my Father’s business.” He understood that when He was only twelve years old!

We have an eternity to boast of the victories won, but we have only a few years in which to win them. So, what are the main facets of my eternal assignment that have a time limit on them? What will my life focus on?

I want to use this time wisely for the sake of the Kingdom, so I want to:

  1. Win as many as I can to Christ.
  2. Build as many leaders as I can with the same harvest heart.
  3. Build a strong, reproducing church network called New Hope.
  4. Win my family and influence my generations.
  5. Be a good and godly husband, father, and grandfather.
  6. Take time to enjoy life with family and friends.
  7. Leave a legacy through books, resources, and exemplary leaders.
  8. Keep my energy high in order to remain a pioneer.

What are some of the things on your list? What will your life focus on?


Lord Jesus, thank you for keeping my heart fresh with a sense of urgency, always pioneering and always digging up more of the potential you placed within me. I am excited about this next season; I will keep these eight goals in my heart.

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