Hybrid Assignment

Hybrid cars are rising in popularity along with rising gas prices. The word “hybrid” can mean the combination of two or more elements that results in a third “species,” such as a vehicle that is powered by a combination of gas and electricity. It can also describe the formation of new words in our English language. Two different words combined can create a third word. For example, the word “television” is a hybrid of tele, from the Greek and vision, from Latin.

A hybrid can also mean “of mixed characteristics,” something that is composed of combined parts from various sources. We do that in business today. We call it “Best Practices.” And where this may make for a stronger product in certain applications, it may also make for a weaker one in others.

And one of those is in our assignment. Read what Jesus says to Peter in John 21. Peter was given an assignment to feed sheep. Jesus spoke to him about his aging years and how he would serve God’s purposes as an elder. But looking at John the beloved, he wondered…

Peter seeing him said to Jesus, “Lord, and what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!” -John 21:21 – 22

Peter wanted to know what John’s assignment was, but Jesus steered him back to his own. Peter could easily become a hybrid of others’ assignments combined with his own. Comparisons and measuring himself by what others were doing would morph him into a new “species.” Then he would resemble others’ callings rather than what God asked of him specifically.

“What has that to do with you? YOU follow Me!”

We get distracted easily. There will always be something better, faster, more expensive, bigger, and shinier. Other churches and ministries can look: fancier, higher tech, more used by God, more streamlined, and have better results.

When others are under the spotlight, it makes me feel like I need to be too, so I push for it. I see others being more successful in community outreaches or feeding the homeless, so I add that component to my plate. Another can be making more money, so I switch and decide that this is my “new direction” from the Lord.

“But what does that have to do with you? YOU follow ME!”

Oh, God will use others to encourage us in our assignment, but He never intends for them to distract us from it.

Take time today to discern again what your specific assignment is for this season of your life. God works in seasons. Ecclesiastes reminds me of this fact. However, if I compare with what others are doing, I could miss my season. I lose the assignment God has set before me. I become a hybrid of everybody else’s assignments rather than my own.

Revisit what God asked of you in the beginning. Often, that assignment has not changed. It might be time for it to be adjusted in the margins. It can even be implemented differently than in the beginning, but usually the basic assignment stays the same.

Write down what this season’s assignment is for you. Does it include:

  1. A deeper relationship with your leaders?
  2. Outreach?
  3. Greater depth in your own faith?
  4. Greater quality control in your ministry?
  5. Improvement in weekend services?
  6. Taking time and energy to get in shape?

Have you lost anything of the fire that was there in the beginning? What must you do to regain that?

What did God lay on your heart in the beginning? Has it changed? How is that being carried out? Is any of it getting done? Do you have a bias for action or do you have a bias for distraction?

Today, I pray that you will hear God say:

“What is that to you? YOU follow Me!”

A Leader’s Prayer:

Thank you Lord for Your reminder to keep my eyes on You and what You have laid out before me … for today and for this season. I can get too distracted and can easily turn into a hybrid. But I have a higher call. I will be faithful to write down my assignment for this season. In the end, I will not be held accountable for all the things I have done as much as for how much of the things that YOU asked me to do that I have done!

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