The God That Glitters

Money Talks

The way money is used tells a lot about a person. God speaks a lot about money because it is such a temptation to mankind to take our gold and turn it into a god and into a molten calf. We have taken what God gave us to use as a means to an end and made it an end in itself.

The Bible says we must choose which way we’re going to go. What role will money play in our lives? Is it going to be an end to itself or a means to an end? Click To Tweet

Lovers of Money

We can be religious but still be lovers of money, where we use God as a means to get what we want. The accumulation of possessions and wealth is not a worthy enough goal for the investment of your whole life. There are much greater riches than that. But you see, the god that glitters will dupe us with his rules and with his deception that says, “That’s the greatest treasure of all.” And we leave the true greatest treasures behind.

God is saying we have to make a choice. We have to understand money is something we are to steward and use and we have to choose to do this well. God reminds us to never take relationships and make that secondary to the golden calf. You’ll either love one and hate the other, or hold one and despise the other.

The god of glitter is not always a god of money. Power, image, prestige or unaccountability can also lure you.

I have seen what happens when money is stewarded well and is controlled the way the King wants it to be controlled. You love God and you don’t hold to money, but you hold to God. You use it for the things of God and for family. And you don’t allow it to control you. When that happens, you can see it become a cure for so much. It’s just wonderful if you use it correctly, according to God’s ways.

You’ve got to choose what role money will play in your life and what your legacy will be. How do you get everything in focus so it’s clear and so there’s a balanced line that we can work with?


Establish Your Eternal Calling

What is your eternal calling? What is your primary calling? It is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. That’s your primary calling. It’s to radiate the glory of God.

Then God gives funds as a means through which you’ll carry out your ministry. To some, He’ll give millions because they will have a large way to carry out the assignment that God has for them. To others, it’s a lesser amount because that’s not going to be their role. Their role will be more in service or more in counseling. God knows the different roles and gifts, but every single one will be accountable for how we use the gifts we have been given. So establish the role now that money is going to play.

“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his own soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:36-37).

We are going to live a whole lot longer on the other side of the line than on this side. So what happens if we plan for this little short line called life and we miss eternity? Click To Tweet


Use Money, Love People

When push comes to shove, make sure you keep your relationships primary. God speaks to us a lot about the way we use money because it’s so important to us to be built up in the things of character. But, He is saying, don’t let money turn into a god.

This god will start to glitter and when it starts to glitter, you are no longer controlling it, but it’s starting to control you and it becomes an end in itself. And you give up, you forfeit or you sacrifice relationships on the altar of a golden calf that glitters.


Invest Your Life in What God Calls “Wealth”

Invest your life in what God calls wealth. What is being rich toward God? It has everything to do with relationships. Use money, love people. God is speaking to us about renewing our hearts toward Him and toward people.

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