All That Matters

Psalm 133:1 (NIV) How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

During the span of my 34 years in ministry, I have had the honor of sitting with many in their final hours. As the curtains draw their brief lives to a close, nothing except the vital remains. And each time, without fail, everything else pales in comparison to their desire for healthy relationships.

In the end, our vertical relationship with Christ and our horizontal relationships with people will be all that matters.

Sometimes we don’t recognize what’s most eternal until we are face to face with it. But why wait?

Jesus reminded us that the greatest commandment in Mark 12:30 is to love God with all we’ve got, and then do the same with those around us. He then concludes with these words: “There is no greater commandment…”

Living in unity…

It doesn’t mean we always agree. It does mean, however, that we always support. We always speak well of. We always love, and we always stay on the same team. We’re one body.

My heart doesn’t do what my liver does. Nor do my kidneys do what my lungs do. They can’t really get together and just chill. They don’t compete. They don’t try to be like each other. Instead, “unity” in my body is defined by each part doing what it is assigned to do to the best of its ability, and the other parts? They cheer and support!

When God sees that happening in His family, He leans over the banister of heaven, and with a sigh of delight, says, “It just doesn’t get any better!”

What can you do today that will promote unity with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

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