The Beginnings of Resilience

How deep is the earth?

That’s a strange question to ask when we’re supposed to be talking about resilience.

But stay with me.

I have been to the Grand Canyon and seen the Colorado River cradled in its depths. It’s a long way down! Yet, it doesn’t even begin to register the subterranean caverns beneath it or the bottomless mysteries that lay below the river.

Ever feel that way, though? Ever feel like you are in the depths of the earth? I have. Things close in around you and there’s no way out. It feels like being buried alive. God seems far away, and any hope is obscured by inescapable dead-ends that have been swallowing us alive.

David felt that way too. He fled as a fugitive, hid in caves, saw his families stolen as slaves, and he saw his home burned. He was rejected by his own sons, cursed by his neighbors, and stood helpless as his wives were raped. He cried until he could cry no more.

But here in his diary, David restores to me a glimmer of hope. Regardless of how deep the pit seems to be, we find a promise embedded in his 95th entry:

“In whose hand are the depths of the earth; the peaks of the mountains are His also” -Psalms 95:4

In other words, no matter how deep the valley is, His hands are still under me. If I fall to the uttermost point of no return, I am still in His hands. Even the depths of the earth are still in His hands!

He is deeper than the deepest depth. He is higher than the highest heights. He is greater than the widest breadth. He is my all in all.

So when I think I am at my wit’s end, when I think I’ve hit bottom, I cannot give up. I am still in His hands!

It’s easy to make hasty decisions and call it quits. It’s convenient to throw in the towel and make a decision with irreparable consequences. It feels like an escape, a respite, a release from the pain, but it will always be the wrong choice.

I am encouraged by His promise in Psalm 95 that He will never lose His grip on me. Even though it feels as if the earth has opened up beneath me, His embrace encompasses me still.

And should I stumble over the edge, I will free-fall into His hands.

A Leader’s Prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus: Thank You for Your unfailing love. How I need to trust You more. Teach me to continue to press forward and do my best knowing that there will be times when I feel lost and broken.

And when I think I am at my lowest point, help me to realize that I may never be closer to being in Your hands.

Wayne Cordeiro

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