Christmas is a Time for Thanks-Giving

Thanksgiving comes before you receive anything. When we add to our prayers a heart of thankfulness no matter what takes place, it causes God to release heaven to turn a tragedy into a triumph and a mistake into a miracle.

Here are three principles that will help us to develop a heart of thanksgiving this Christmas because thanksgiving really comes before Christmas.


What delights God is choosing to be kind and thankful all the time, regardless of our health circumstances, affluence or current life situation.

When were the times in your life when you were thankful for even the most mundane things such as air in our lungs or sunshine beating on our back? A lot of us have a roof over our head, food to eat, and good health, but we have not been very thankful. When we choose thank God no matter what the circumstance, He will honor our gratefulness.


Years ago, I visited Sri Lanka. The people are so poor they collect 5-8 inch twigs, and sell them for four cents a bundle for kindling fires. If they make $30 a month, they are thankful.

I was invited to dine at one of these people’s home. They killed a few of their chickens and made noodles from scratch. I was almost ashamed to eat because I knew that this was all they had. They gave it to me because I was their guest. I thought, “Lord, could you take just a little bit of that and put it in my heart?” Theirs was not a forced giving, but an intentional giving.

Each time we give intentionally and sacrificially, there is a humility that comes into our heart. The act of intentionally giving causes a growth in our soul that bring us back to the original design that God has for us so we are not conformed to the world.


In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess. 5:18).

The Lord does not say “for everything;” He says “in everything.” God is saying, “Bring a heart of thanksgiving into every event this Christmas.”

Heaven is waiting on us for our heart to be converted into a heart of thanksgiving so God can convert everything in our life as He said He would. In everything, give thanks.

Life is not always fair, but if we will give God a heart of thanksgiving, He can make it more than fair and He will give us the edge every time.

We have to bring to the table thanksgiving. It is not something we get from the table. It is something we bring to the table.

Jesus demonstrated that for us. When we have a thankful heart we are never more like Christ; there is a chosen humility; an intentional giving and a decision to be thankful. Regardless of what it looks like, we chose to give. We decide to be thankful.

The greatest gift we can receive this Christmas is a thankful heart. Will you receive it this Christmas? I’ll take that gift.

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