Our life on earth is brief. “A time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted” (Eccl. 3:2).In other words, life is short.

Right now we are traveling at 66,000 mph. This is how fast the earth is traveling through space. We are moving, right now, faster than the spin cycle on a washing machine. Life happens so fast that in the Bible, Job tells us that our life is a vapor. And the psalmist says, “We have finished our years like a sigh” (Ps. 90:9)

Our life is very brief! In 40–50 years most of us will be gone. It’s important to remember that God did not make us for this world. Our home is in eternity.

What is eternity like in comparison to this life? If I were to take a cable and shoot it out around this globe and if I were to take a pen and make a scratch on the cable, maybe 1/64th of an inch, that’s about how long our life is here on this earth in comparison to eternity. Many people think that’s all they have. So they cling to the “scratch”. They save, love, and try to stretch the “scratch”. So they live “scratch” lives, “scratch” dreams, and have “scratch” hopes.

But God so loved (us) the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish (on the “scratch”), but have ETERNAL life.

Our life is very brief. We must realize that in the time we’ve been given here on earth we have one main assignment. The Bible states, “…these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.” (John 20:31) Nothing is more important than the fact that our lives have been given to us to make a decision about Jesus Christ. “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” (Mark 8:36) This is what gives us hope beyond this life. There is no other hope beyond the grave.

A college friend of mine turned in a paper he had worked very hard on, for one of his classes. When he got it back the professor’s comments read, “Great research, great writing, great illustrations, ‘F’: WRONG ASSIGNMENT!” We don’t want to make this same mistake!

For that reason, all we need to do is say, “I believe that You are the resurrection and the life, and I believe in You, and trust that I will never die.” The Lord is not demanding. He’s waiting for our partnership with Him, a genuine heart cry that says, “yes, Lord, I believe.” And He says, “Good, I want your heart, not a document signed under duress.” He didn’t come to bring another religion, He came to repair and restore a broken relationship so that we are able to walk together with the Lord into eternity.

We’re not immune from the world’s sins and we don’t control every event. If we break the laws of motion there are consequences. If a car crashes someone will get hurt or possibly even die. There are physical laws and spiritual laws. Here on earth we live in temporal bodies; we are eternal beings in temporal bodies.

“…you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” (James 4:14) The Bible is clear; we cannot be in control of every event! The laws of this earth controlled Jesus Himself. He was only 33 years old when He was murdered. However, the good news is that His death didn’t thwart God’s plan. We cannot be in control of life’s events but we must be under the covering of the One who IS IN CONTROL.

And when a tragedy occurs it’s all right to wrestle, but never blame God. We will have colliding emotions, but don’t make conclusions about God at this time. Job decided that he would serve God. Even though tragedy overwhelmed him, his response was to rise, tear his coat, fall to the ground and worship the Lord. Yes, he wrestled with all of it, but he did not blame God. Instead, he grieved with hope. And though his wife had a different perspective and encouraged him to curse God and die, Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him. Nevertheless I will argue my ways before Him” (Job 13:15).

A dear friend of mine, who was serving God, died at the age of 35. I wrestled with my emotions before God at that time. Then God spoke to me and said, “Wayne, do you think I make mistakes? Do you think that I can take what was meant for evil and one day turn it for good? Just as I know the beginning from the end I also know your friend’s life. I know the best time to take him home. You might think it’s premature, but you don’t know the future. I see. I know. And because I love him so much I’m taking him home at this time. You’ll see him again in heaven. And one day, I will show you what would have happened if I didn’t take him home. When you see what would have taken place you will be so thankful that in My love I took him home at the perfect time. So don’t be angry, but in faith be grateful. One day you will see why.”

We must remember that everything God does He does out of LOVE. This is His character. Yes, there will be grief. All of us will face loss and grief. Be assured that our Father embraces us in our pain and grief. He offers us the gift of hope. He’s given us a future beyond the grave. In fact, Jesus experienced loss and the feelings of loss. Therefore, He grieves with us. He gives us the opportunity to learn during our sorrow so that we can complete our assignment. Remember that life is brief! Be sure to get yourmain assignment done. Remember that you aren’t immune from the world’s sins and can’t control every event. So entrust yourself to the One who does. Remember, there is NO ONE more worthy of being trusted than the Lord. There is no one more merciful and loving than He. One day you will see Him face–to–face and then all of your questions will be answered. You will see God’s heart of love as you realize how loving and true He has been toward those of us who are living on the “scratch” of eternity.

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