When the seven peals of thunder had spoken, I was about to write; and I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘Seal up the things which the seven peals of thunder have spoken and do not write them’ (Rev. 10:4)

There are going to be times when God hides. He seals up, rather than opens up; He covers, rather than reveals. That’s what He did with Abraham.

Shall I hide from Abraham what I’m about to do, since Abraham will surely become a great and mighty nation? (Genesis 18:17)

Then in Deut. 31:18 Moses was about to die and God said,

I shall surely hide my face in that day, because of all the evil which they will do—for they will turn to other Gods.

David even pleads with God to reveal Himself; for God, being distant from us, is a formidable thing. In Psalm 89:46 & 47, he writes,

How long, Oh Lord, will you hide Yourself from us? Forever? Will Your wrath burn like fire? Remember what the span of my life is.

Here are four reasons why God might hide:

1. A life of disobedience brings distance—when we compromise.

“I pass by the field of a sluggard, and I notice that its stone wall is broken down. Hedges were overgrown, and filled with thistles. I looked and I reflected, and I received instruction. … A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and your poverty will come upon you like a vagabond.”(Proverbs 24:30, 31 & Proverbs 6:10, 11)

In other words, he is saying, “How did this field get so over grown?” With little compromises all of a sudden your ministry or your marriage may be over. You don’t notice it, because disobedience creeps upon you in little compromises:

Don’t ever think that you can compromise just because no one is breathing down your neck. Keep yourself disciplined. Do your devotions daily. Study God’s Word. Get on your knees and pray. Curb your thoughts and think right. Nobody is going to discipline you, but you. Paul says to Timothy, “Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness” (1 Tim. 4). Disciplineyourself.

Romans 6:23 says, “The wages of sin is death.” That death is a distance between you and God.

2. Refusing wisdom. We refuse wisdom when we are no longer a teacher or we no longer seek wisdom. Wisdom is something you have to seek; she will not come after you.

Don’t mess with wisdom or you will have a formidable foe.

Turn to my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you. Because I called and you refused, I stretched out my hand and no one paid attention; and you neglected all my counsel and did not want my reproof; (Pro. 1:23-25).

Here is the result:

I will also laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your dread comes, when your dread comes like a storm and your calamity comes like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you. ‘Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently but they will not find me, because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the LORD. They would not accept my counsel, they spurned all my reproof’ (Pro. 1:26-30).

When pride comes into your life, and you are no longer teachable as a pastor, get out of the ministry. You will destroy too many people. The only way you are going to change is to repent with all your heart and go back to seeking Godly wisdom.

3. Knowledge without action. You know what to do, but you don’t do it.

There is a denomination that has accepted homosexuality. They have homosexuals as leaders. They know what the Scripture says. They read the Bible but they don’t do it.

Even Satan knows the Scriptures. He quoted Luke chapter four. “Hey, toss yourself over this cliff! Isn’t it written, ‘He shall give His angels charge over Thee, lest Ye cast Your foot upon the stone?” He quotes the Scriptures to Jesus. The devil has read the Bible more than you have, but he doesn’t apply it.

‘He who has my Word and keeps it, he it is who loves me; and he who loves me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him, and disclose Myself to him’ (John 14:21).

4. Not enough maturity. There will be times, when you are young in the Lord, or you are a young leader.

God is not going to tell you what’s going to happen in your future; because if He did, you’d either become full of pride or devastated and exasperated, and you’d quit.

God does not reveal some things to you because you are not mature enough to receive it. That’s why He said to Abraham, “Should I reveal to Abraham what will become of him, since he will become a great and mighty nation, and all nations will be blessed by him?” In other words, he is saying, “You know I can’t tell Abraham that he is going to be as big as he is going to be, because if I do right now, he won’t have the maturity, and he will be shot through with pride. So I’m going to hide from him.

When God hides from you it could be for reasons that you need to repent from; it could be that you just need to do the best that you can, and trust the Holy Spirit from this moment on.

If God seems to be hiding in your life remember disobedience brings distance; refusing wisdom is a formidable; knowledge without action will stagnate you; and not enough maturity can kill you and others along the way.

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