Against All Odds

God Turns the Tables

God loves to turn the tables and beat the odds makers by His miraculous power and He loves to surprise us by His grace and wisdom. The odds makers think that, in the real world, God is somewhat irrelevant or non-existent, but the wisdom of God is real, unmatched and unparalleled. The Word of God says:

“… the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; but just as it is written, things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Cor. 2:8-9).

The odds makers of this world cannot see, hear or understand God’s wisdom, power and promises; therefore, they predict failure for those prisoners and others who have the odds stacked against them. But God, by His wisdom and miraculous power, has abundantly wonderful things already prepared for those who follow Jesus. When the odds are stacked against Christians, God turns the tables by His wisdom and grace and brings blessings and success to those who love Him.

Here are some instructions to turn the tables and live victoriously, against all odds:

1. Raise Your Value to Match God’s Value of You

Raise your self-valuation to match God’s valuation of you. Often, through the course of unfortunate events in our lives, we lose our sense of self-worth. For these reasons, we fail to realize how precious each of us are in God’s eyes and how vital each of us are to His plans of salvation.

To defy the odds, we must change the way we see our circumstances and ourselves. We must begin to look at our reality through God’s eyes and see everything and ourselves in life as God does. We must stop seeing ourselves in the darkness of past failures, hurts and disappointments, and instead, see ourselves in the light of success, victory and fruitfulness written in God’s Word.

The Word of God provides us with light to see our victory and successes, which God sees despite our circumstances. The Holy Scripture gives numerous examples of the table turning power of God. As we read and hear the Word of God, the stories of victory against the odds replace the darkness of past failure and defeat with the light of victory and opens our eyes so we can see ourselves as God sees us: victorious and successful.

The Image of God is Imprinted in Us

God’s image is imprinted in each one of us because we were made in His image. The enemy’s ploy is to wear down and devalue you so you’ll give up and bail out. Over time, just by living and making mistakes and bumping into the wrong people, God’s imprinted image is worn down and you feel more like an excuse for living than having a reason to live.

Turn the table on the enemy who is wearing out God’s image in you and devaluing you. You will be victorious against the enemy of your soul by restoring the image of God imprinted in you! You will raise your value when you see God’s image restored in you!

How do we get restored? Restoration occurs as we come again and again to the One who minted us with His image. Only God can restore us. Come often to His presence because there He will restore our true value.

2. Raise the Tide of Your Spirit

Like the water level of the ocean, your spirit can be low or high. When all the odds are stacked against you, to keep the level of your spirit high and to prevent your spirit from drying up, guard your spirit.

“The spirit of a man can endure his sickness, but as for a broken spirit, who can bear it?” (Prov. 18:14).

If your spirit is strong and whole, you can endure the adversities that are set against you. But if you allow your spirit to be broken, you will fall victim to the adversities that the enemy brings upon you by his lies and deceptions.

3. Raise Your Sights

Often we set our sights or our eyes on what is wrong rather than what is right.

“So we fix our eyes on not what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Cor. 4:18).

God is saying to keep looking at or recognizing what is eternal, what is most precious. It will straighten out your course every time.

If you always look at how bad things are, that is what you are going to see. If you always look at how terrible life is to you, you are going to find many confirmations of that along the way.

“… fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of faith …” (Heb. 12:2).

You’ll become like that which you fix your eyes upon. That is why is says fix your eyes on Jesus. When you do, He will begin to restore and re-mint His image in you.

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