Preach Jesus Up

I’ll always remember what an old preacher told me when I first started in ministry. He said, “Wayne, when you start preaching,don’t preach anything up but Jesus, and don’t preach anything down but the devil, and you’ll be all right. Don’t preach a church down, and don’t preach that ministry down. No, you preach the devil down, and Jesus up and you’ll be okay.”

We want to be a people who are representing Christ and all of His glory: to do what Jesus would do, to think as Jesus would think, and to say what Jesus would say. So when you apply all the things you learn here at New Hope to your church and ministry, be careful not to preach down a church that isn’t like you.

If others ask, then help and share, but don’t start telling everybody what they are doing wrong and how we are doing it right. There are a whole bunch of things that we, too, are doing wrong. We’re learning along the way, and we are growing, day by day.

In the end, it will not be my style, or your style, traditional or non-traditional that brings glory to God, it will be what is biblical. If you remember that, it will help you to be a church that stays under the glory of God. The old Pentecostals used to say, “Stay under the spout where the glory comes out.” I like that! It’s so true!

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