But seeing the wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!” –Mathew 14:30

I often tell people that the smallest of boats is safe in the roughest of seas, just as long as none of that rough sea gets inside the small boat. As long as we don’t allow the outside storm to become an inside storm, we’ll survive the journey.

It’s not the absence of storms but the presence of His grace that will see us through. And we can’t let His grace get displaced by storm–water! You’ll feel its effects. It’s a sinking feeling!

Through stormy times I have learned some valuable laws that have helped me to personally make it through the stormiest of seasons.

  1. The Law of the 5%: As a leader I had to learn that 85% of what I do, anyone could do. (Whether a pastor, a department head, or a professor—the position doesn’t matter). 10% of what I do can be delegated to someone with a measure of capability. But I needed to concentrate much of my energies on the 5% of what I do that no one else can do. See the article “The 5% Only You Can Do” at the following link: I’ve learned over the years, that if I am worn out trying to do the 85% a team should be doing, I won’t have the energy to make sure that the outside storm doesn’t get in. It’s inside storms that sink ships.
  2. The Law of Energy: The leader’s greatest weapon is not time. It is energy. I found that I have about six Energy Bursts a day, and I must choose wisely what projects will get my best energy bursts. I must take a look at my ministry and see what areas, if they got a deposit of energy, would advance the church. Then I must reserve two for family and self. I can use them up at work and have nothing left for my marriage or for exercise. Don’t give energy to worry or to complaining. Those tow activities are gas guzzlers!
  3. The Law of Focus: It’s easy to get distracted by the wind and waves. They surround us and cause fears to increase. In my motorcycle training class, the instructor drilled into my head: “Whatever you look at is where you will end up, so don’t look at the guardrails! Instead, look out of the turns, and you’ll come through the curves just fine.” Get your eyes back on your calling, your original assignment. Revisit it often and you’ll keep your eyes off the waves. Find out what you should be doing rather than what is happening. It will make a world of difference.

Three simple laws that may save your life. They are simple, but I didn’t say they were “easy.” Simple does not always mean easy. Applying these laws will require constant vigilance.

I visited a submarine once and found that the huge vessel had numerous monitoring devices that would alert the crew in case of a leak, lack of air pressure, compression, and a hundred other dangers that might occur.

So too, our hearts will need vigilant monitoring to alert you to any possible straying, leakage, or drifting. These three laws will help you to be a diligent leader that can navigate rough waters and still make it safely into port.

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