Can You Live in Obscurity?

“I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have revived me” (Psa. 119:93).

David chose not to violate God’s Word even when no one was looking. We need to live like him. David lived in obscurity for years. Even today, David speaks to us from the Psalms when he says, “I will not violate Your commandments.” That is why God could give him tons of success. Think about it. If you do not violate God’s commands, He will give you great success.

The greatest pathway to success, whether it be financial success, marital success or success in life, is not to violate God’s Word. However, be very careful. When God has given us a small measure of success, it gets easier to start compromising with our response to His Word. The first thing we let go of is God, even though He was the One that brought the success to begin with! When you get an opportunity to take a more visible position or a higher paying job, watch out for pride. Choose not to violate His Word or become distracted.

Don’t encroach upon His Word by promoting yourself. Let Him promote you. Be extremely careful about taking any credit for what the Lord has done. Give Him all the honor and glory, promoting Him and not yourself. Don’t allow success to destroy you. If you start compromising, cutting corners, or making exaggerated, untruthful statements in order to gain more renown, God will not honor you. The attitude of success is not, “Look at me, and how good I am.” That attitude will neither bring or maintain success. Having your name in lights is not the motivation you want to strive for.

The road to success is the same road that leads to a nervous breakdown, or a divorce from your family. How does that happen? It happens when we avoid seeking help because we’re afraid of what others might think. Instead of protecting ourselves, we allow a lack of humility to work against us.

When the Lord asked me, “Wayne, can you live in obscurity?” I had to take a long, hard look at the motives of my heart. I was used to pushing myself to do more and more, but that is what caused me to nearly burn out a few years ago. My motivation, or drive, wasn’t negative. It was actually positive. I just saw how much more had to get done and I wanted to do more so I would really push myself.

It took me about seven months to become obedient and say, “Yes, Lord, if I have to live in obscurity, away from the limelight and simply write books and be a consultant, I’m okay with it.”

If He asks you to do something, how long will it take you to say yes?

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