Defining a Miracle

A miracle always begins with a perspective—not with an event. Someone will be healed or survive a major accident and we may think, “That’s a miracle.” Someone else will acquire a huge financial gain and we declare, “That’s a miracle.”

Actually, these are what I term as “miracle events.” The miracle begins with the perspective such as: How has your faith increased because of that event? If you were healed miraculously is your life any different because of that event? Are you more of a spokesman for Christ?

I met a man who was in stage 4 of cancer. He woke up one morning and said that Jesus was in the room with him, at the foot of his bed. A huge light touched him and then all the cancer was gone. People say, “What a miracle!” but let me share with you what he is doing now. He’s working as a janitor and not serving the Lord. If that happened to me, I’d be preaching and winning people to Christ, sharing the praises of what God has done for me. This man experienced a miracle event but the miracle is what are you going to do with it.

A lot of times miracles never happen in Christians’ lives. Often people have miracle events in their lives but the miracle is never realized. It never comes to the fulfillment of what God intended for that miracle. When you think about it, the real miracle is a transformed human being’s life. The only thing a physical healing does is give you a little more time to change or transform your life.

If God gave you a great financial breakthrough that is a miracle event. The question is: Does this transform you or does it make your heart greedier or materialistic? There are a lot of miracle events but no miracles. We do not change towards God’s image. In the end, God’s going to ask us, “What did you do with the miracle events I gave you? Did it bring about any miracles?” God puts into process a miracle event. The miracle is waiting on you. He gives you gifts and passions. Are you going to do anything with them or are you going to dabble with it and use it for self-aggrandizing purposes.

When I see a person’s life that was going south and they turn to Christ, I cannot think of any greater miracle. That’s a changed human life for Christ. That’s the miracle that the Cross stands for. Jesus died for miracle people like you and me.

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