One of my roles as a Senior Pastor is to cultivate exemplary, biblically sound shepherds and leaders. This can be accomplished through accountability, training, unity and evaluation and assessments.

To insure all that we do glorifies God and serves His people well, I created a prerequisite checklist to assess our efforts. Recently several pastors have asked me for a copy, and I’d like to share it with you too. I hope you find “The Nine Conditions of Fruitfulness” helpful as you evaluate your teams. Try to hit a 9 or 10 in all these areas. In the case where any of these areas fall beneath acceptable levels, aim to work on these areas until they become fruitful for the sake of the Kingdom.


(Is there a touch of God’s presence, a spirit of excellence, and an observable response in the people? Are the worship leaders prepared, full hearted, confident, and genuinely sincere? Do the people enter into worship or do they spectate? Is it a participatory worship or spectator?)


(Are the elements well timed, heart felt, and presented in such a way that exudes excellence and sincerity? Does it prepare hearts for the message? Is it over programmed or under programmed?)


(Is the presenter well prepared and theologically sound, trained, able to teach? Even though it may be simple, is the message presented with deep conviction, sincerity, and is it relevant, spoken as a “word from God?”)

Technical Support Systems

(Is the multi media done well, prepared technicians, and supportive of the message? Does it add to the ambiance or take away from it? Is it appropriate or overbearing? Is it “transparent” or does it make itself too “apparent”?)

Ambiance & Culture

(Is there an overall Spirit of Excellence? Is there a biblical culture of New Hope obvious, and is there an atmosphere of genuine joy in the leaders and servants? Is there an adherence to the Core Values of New Hope that pervades every decision and action?)

Genuine Touch of Pastoral Ministry

(Is there a genuine touch by the pastoral leaders that communicates a high touch of the Holy Spirit? This is where genuineness is seen and overrides any technology, programming, and organization. Do leaders have an authentic love and compassion for each individual that is present? Do those serving exude a genuine joy in serving?)


(Are there follow up resources for the people … in books, journals, “Yes” packets, and other helps that assist them to respond to what God has spoken to them about in the service. Is it well presented and neat? Is it easy for people to get resources, DVD’s, and other helps for their growth?


(Is it neat? Is there adequate signage? Is there adequate crowd control, parking needs addressed, lighting adequate, air conditioning or ventilation sufficient?)

Spiritual Fruit

(Are there transformed lives, salvations, baptisms, people helping people, etc? The bottom line of all we do is to reap souls and witness transformed lives. Can these be measured and is there evidence of this in the church? Is there opportunity for people to make a response to what Jesus has just said?)

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