S is for Scripture

As you peruse Scripture reading for a given day, ask the Lord to bring home to your heart one text in particular.

That is a prayer the Holy Spirit loves to answer.

He will highlight one verse or thought that momentarily stops  you in your tracks or seems to shine out from the page. He will whisper, “This is for you – this is a promise you can hold to” or ”This instruction will get you back on track.” Whatever the text is, write it down in your journal. Copy out the verse at the top of your entry for that day.

Why is it so important to focus on one short text or verse rather than several? Why do I strongly encourage you to find one thing the Spirit is saying to you? It’s quite simple, and I’ve seen this borne out time and time again: if you try to catch more than that, guarantee at the end of the year you’ll remember none of them. But if you focus on just one day, by the time December 31 rolls around, you’ll have more than three hundred sixty gems packed away in your heart. And that’s priceless!

Let God’s Word hold you up! Develop a daily disciple of devotions that is unshakable.

During the time I almost dropped out of ministry, I ended up spending some time at a “no talking” monastery in California to regain my physical and spiritual equilibrium. Even though my psyche was fried and my energy depleted, I continued my devotions. If it weren’t for the disciplines I’d developed over the years, I doubt I would have found my way home.

It was there, on the verge of cashing it all in, that the Lord spoke once more through Jeremiah: “But as for me, I have not hurried away from being a shepherd after You.”

That was His Prophetic word for me.

In the midst of that dark, dry time, that single verse spoke more to my heart than volumes of elegant verbiage. And that verse will always illustrate for me the truth of this one:

“A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Proverbs 11:25

Allow God to speak that apt word to you by focusing on one main thought from your daily reading – not five, ten, or a baker’s dozen.


Divine Mentor

This post is an adapted from Pastor Wayne Cordeiro’s book, The Divine Mentor. Check back here all this week for in-depth discussion of how Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer work together as we seek God in our individual quiet time.