Why use SOAP?

At New Hope, we’ve done any number of things over the year to help our church grow, but one thing we’ve done stands head and shoulders above everything else.

It has nothing to do with demographic.

It doesn’t depend on location

It isn’t triggered by worship style.

It’s developing a self-feeding program, using a simple system of daily devotions.

Some time ago I read in a medical magazine these poignant words: The health of twenty-first  century America will no longer be determined by what people get the doctors to do for them, but rather by what doctors can get people to do for themselves.

Self-feeding will be the heart of the healthy Christian, the heart of a healthy twenty-first century church. It will be each of us, on a daily basis, recording biblical instructions that contain centuries of wisdom and applying them like and unguent to relational grievances and to life’s cuts and bruises.

At the heart of journaling is an easy-to-remember acrostic: SOAP.

S = Scripture

O = Observation

A = Application

P = Prayer

Let me describe how SOAP works. It’s a basic system that can have profound results. It will help you be productive right out of the chute.

To set the stage, allow me to quote the beautiful words of Psalm 19:9 in the King James Version. It helps us to remember what SOAP is all about: ‘The fear of the Lord is clean.’

Divine Mentor

This post is an adapted from Pastor Wayne Cordeiro’s book, The Divine Mentor. Check back here all this week for in-depth discussion of how Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer work together as we seek God in our individual quiet time.