Samson: An Unlikely Voice on Building Relationships

A Bad Example

Samson is an unlikely voice teaching us about building relationships. Samson never got it right with women. He never really got it right throughout his whole life! HE was forever getting into trouble in his relationships by doing an action, which resulted in revenge, which produced retaliation.

Can we learn from Samson about building relationships? What does he have to teach us?

If there is anybody who has something to say to us, it would be someone who lost everything as the price to pay for the lessons he learned.

Wisdom or Consequences

You will have two teachers in life: the teacher of wisdom or the teacher of consequences.

Now, both of these are phenomenal teachers. You will learn great lessons from them both.

The teacher of consequences is a difficult task master. You will learn from her, but she will demand that before you learn the lesson, it may cost you your finances, your eyes, your marriage, your family, your ministry or your life. “I will give you the lesson, but first, I demand that you make the mistake, that you suffer the consequences and that you experience the pain. After you suffer those consequences, then I will give you the lesson.”

Wisdom, on the other hand, says exactly the opposite: “I will give you the lessons first and you can then decide if you want to suffer the consequences, experience the pain and bear the suffering. It’s up to you.”

Both of them are great teachers. Your heart will open more to one than the other by default. Samson bore the pain of consequences in order to learn the lessons that would summarize his life. He paid a very high tuition, but he is willing to give the lessons to us so we can learn from wisdom.

The Wisdom of God

The reason Jesus Christ is called the Wisdom of God is because Jesus Himself paid the price of sin so that we could be wiser without having to suffer the consequences and lose everything. So He took the sin of the world upon Himself and offers us salvation or wisdom. If we will obey and submit to what He gives to us as wisdom, we can save a lifetime of suffering.

Jesus offers that to us and He paid the price. Samson paid a great price and he is here to teach us today. Samson paid for these lessons with everything he had. So, if he was going to give us the wisdom of what he has learned, what would he say? He would rewind it all the way back to his parents.

1.      Honor Your Parents and Parents, Honor God!

Parents, don’t give in to your kids’ wishes and desires which are birthed out of immaturity, rebellion or curiosity. Children, honor your parents.

If you are still under the jurisdiction of your parents, please remember that, for some reason, God has given your parents the ability to sense inherent dangers in their children’s lives as a result of an activity or a relationship or something else and they will say, “I don’t think this is a good idea.” Remember that. God gives them a sense of the inherent dangers.

God says to honor your parents. You might not agree completely with everything, but honor them. In other words, give them the benefit of the doubt.

2.      Forgiving Wrongs Done to You Stops the Destroyer from Taking It All

If you don’t start forgiving, the devil just cackles because you are giving him permission to take everything. You give him permission to take it all: your future, your family, your innocence, your finances, your relationships. How much more do you want him to take?

Forgiving wrongs done to you stops the devil from taking it all. Because Samson could never forgive, even to the end of his life, the devil came in and took everything.

3.      Fight For Your Family. If You Don’t, No One Will.

Who will be the ones crying at your funeral? Start there. Prioritize those relationships today. In the end, that is the group of people you need to fight for. If you don’t fight for them, nobody else will.

You have to fight for your own family. That fight should define what the most important relationships in your life are. You need to ensure that you maintain those relationships because if you don’t fight for them, nobody else will.

Samson paid a high price for the lessons he learned and he offers those lessons to us today for free. That’s a pretty good deal. Take the lessons he gives us for free. You will be wiser because of it.

The above article by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro is a repost from the Mentoring Leaders storehouse.

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