Atmosphere of the Miraculous

In Matthew 13:57 & Mark 6:4, Jesus said that it is hard for a prophet to receive honor and be successful in his hometown. As a result of the unbelief and opposition He received, Jesus was not able to do miracles in his hometown.

Why was Jesus not able to do miracles in his hometown? The answer lies not so much in Jesus receiving no honor but more in WHY he was not able to do miracles – because people who took offense. “And they took offense at Him…He could not do any miracles there” (Mark 6:2-6)

It is inevitable that in ministry, reasons to be offended will arise. In fact the Bible says our responses constitute whether miracles continue or cease – whether our life’s direction remains positive or lies in ruin. Allowing ourselves to be offended will impede the atmosphere for the miraculous and breed a climate where woundedness lives and thrives.

When I began to understand this important truth, it transformed my ministry. I realized that although I might get better in my oratory or leadership skills, if I tolerated a spirit of offense, I would personally not grow.

I chose to build a heart in which miracles can take place in and through my life. I don’t ever want to be found within the crowd of whom the Bible would say, “And He marveled because of their unbelief.”

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