Always Remember the “Why”

There are times when we all need to ask the questions: Why am I doing this? Why do I exist? What is God asking me to do? What is the purpose behind what I’m doing? What is the ultimate goal, or the “WHY”?

If I’m with a wilderness guide in the forest, and all of a sudden he says to me, “Wayne, I’ve lost my way. I don’t know how to get out of this forest.”
I’d say, “Wait a minute, I just paid you fifty bucks to guide me through this forest.”
“Yeah, I know, but I’m just lost and I can’t find my way. I know it’s somewhere near here, but I’m lost,” he answers.
I say, “You better find the way out of here. I’m paying you good money,” and we start to argue.

We keep arguing until all of a sudden I hear a growl behind me. I turn around and there’s a nine-foot grizzly bear with his mouth open, fangs dripping with saliva, and he’s lusting after my body. He wants to eat me! All of a sudden, the “WHY” for me to get out of the forest has increased immensely.

Do you understand what I mean? I don’t need the guide to show me out of the forest. My creativity level and innovative instincts snap into action. I’m out of here. I will find my own way out and quickly, because the “WHY” has increased. My motivation, and purpose are very clear.

In forty years this room is going to be empty, most of us will be dead and gone. We don’t have that much time left on this earth. But often, we use the time we do have, to build a nice house and drive a nice car. These things might be part of life, but don’t lose your assignment, your eternal purpose. If some things in your life need to decrease in order to allow your vision, your “WHY,” to increase, do it. Decrease whatever is necessary to increase the “WHY”.

How do you decide what is important and what isn’t? How do you make distinctions and delineations between activities and goals? By keeping your perspective, your “WHY” level, in all that you do.When you do, you’ll see how much energy and strength you’ll have to accomplish your assignments.

Don’t ever forget the eternal importance of the “WHY”.

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