Ready, Fire… Aim!

Identifying That Which is Most Important

Most people don’t take the time to identify their target first. We take life as it comes with very little forethought and preparation. We do more planning when it comes to buying a used car then we do in living our lives. We shoot first then wonder if we hit anything. The more you identify what that is, the more likely you will be of hitting the target!

So how do you identify what’s most important in your life?

Remember this: 85% of what you do, anyone can do. 10% of what you do, anyone with some measure of training might do. But there is 5% that only you can do. Start with identifying what that 5% is, and you will be well on your way to finding what’s most important in 2014.

Here’s a few of my musings… For me, I have identified five values that I must keep before me on a daily basis. These are things only I can do. For example, only I can grow my own soul and character in Christ. No one else can do that for me. Only I can be a husband to my wife Anna or a Dad to my three kids. No one else can do that. Only I can keep my self physically fit. (How I wish someone else could do that for me!) And only I can fulfill the calling that God put on my life of being a pastor to New Hope.

So, with this last 5% identified, I must now invest in them, and I must be intentional about investing in these life priorities daily!

Here are my most important values that I invest in daily:

  • A genuine and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To cultivate a genuine and healthy marriage.
  • Build a family that is healthy and close.
  • A healthy ministry as pastor of New Hope Oahu.
  • To keep physically healthy and to find ways to express creativity.
  • Take time to enjoy life with friends and family.

I put these in my monthly Life Calendar and invest daily towards increasing each of these values. It may no change everything overnight, but in the end, I bet I will find that I will be pretty near on the money in the end!

Try it. Identify what’s most important in your life. What will God hold you accountable in that day? Write them down and invest in them … daily. You can purchase a Life Calendar through our on-line resources website by clicking here.

Make 2014 the best ever by identifying what’s most important, then investing in them, and doing that every day! You won’t regret it. That I will personally guarantee!

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