How to Organize Your Life

A favorite childhood pastime of mine was a rowdy game of baseball before dinner. All the kids in my neighborhood – except for a lad named Joe – would gather together in an open field and play ball. Joe’s parents insisted he practice piano scales every day before dinner. He became an excellent pianist but in baseball and other areas of his life Joe was not well rounded and he became a one-dimensional person.

As senior leaders, adding or enlarging our giftings is absolutely critical for our service to the Kingdom. 1 Corinthians 12 tells us, “but to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” The Bible tells us there are many gifts and one is no better than the other. We will each have characteristics and markings of a “base camp gift” or God-given abilities but when we add organization into the mix, your leadership abilities will enlarge and grow.

When I started in ministry, I had little awareness of the importance of organizing and the effects of it on the church and in my life. I worked hard and burned the midnight oil but was not organized. As I added organization into my gifts, my ministry capacity grew. If you don’t have this gift, you must develop it otherwise your ministry will be 30% of its capacity.

How do you get started in organizing? These disciplines will help you:

  1. Clean your car.
    Our cars have become secondary storage spaces. By looking at the interior and exterior of a person’s car, I can tell how organized their life is. Decide what must stay in the car and what is trash. Wash and vacuum your car regularly and you will feel a lot better.
  2. Stop the “Pack Rat Syndrome.”
    Go through your possessions and give away things you have not used in several years. You will develop the heart of a giver in doing so. Anna and I recently cleaned our kitchen cupboards and donated pots and pans to the kids living at our Bible college dormitory.
  3. Keep a calendar
    A calendar prompts you to obedience to the Lord. Write down the things the Lord is asking you do to today and then do them! A “to-do” list helps you live offensively. What projects will you work on this season?
  4. Clean your desk.
    Purging my office files twice a year brings me great satisfaction. Out with the old, and keep what you really need.

Start with these four disciples and develop a habit of organization. Work hard at it – Organizing will round out your giftings and your ministry will thrive. I guarantee it!

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