The 5% Only You Can Do

As leaders, we must develop excellent skills in four areas. If you develop two or three skills, it is not enough. We need all four. It’s like the four corners of a table. If you remove one, you can still have a semblance of balance but any little bit of weight will toss you over.  These four skills are:

  1. Organizational skills
  2. People skills
  3. Personal skills
  4. Communication skills

For most of us, organization is not a native talent. It’s something we will need to develop. I had to work on my organizational skills. A lot of pastors never develop this, and the result is a warped ministry. A lack of organization is what’s going to kill us unless we develop ourselves.

Psalm 50:23 says, “To him who orders his way aright, to him I will show the salvation of God.” There has to be a sense of organization and discipline.

Eighty-five percent of what you do, anyone can do. For example, anyone can return phone calls, have a job, attend meetings and interact with customers.  Ten percent of what you do, anyone with some measure of training can accomplish.

But…5% of what you doonly you can do!

  • Only you can be the father or mother to your children. No one else.
  • Only you can be the spouse God expects you to be.
  • Only you can keep yourself healthy.
  • Only you are responsible to keep yourself inspired.
  • Only you can decide your attitude and disposition toward life.

This 5% is what’s most important! This is what others will remember about you.This is what God holds us responsible for.

Take time to decide five or six things that are most important in your life. Here are examples from my life:

      • A deep and growing relationship with Christ.
      • A healthy marriage.
      • A wholesome and close family.
      • A healthy ministry that resources others (I am a pastor and an author)
      • Keeping physically fit with a soul that’s creative.
      • Taking time to enjoy life with family and friends.

Make a list and decide what your 5% is. Yours may resemble these in part, but it must reflect what God is asking of you for this season of your life.

The 5% may also include:

  • Something you need to improve.
  • Something you need to develop.
  • What do you need to research?
  • What do you need to prepare for that is coming up?
  • When was the last time youexercised?
  • Do you need to get counsel from anybody? Counseling on:
    • Finances
    • Ministry. Do you need to get any counsel on that?
    • Children. When was the last time you did anything with your children?
    • People under your care. Is there anyone you need to touch base with?
    • Recruiting. Is there anybody you need to encourage into ministry?

Remember, God will not hold you accountable for what you’ve done as much as He will hold you accountable for how much of what He has asked you to do that you have done. This 5% is the tip of your leadership.

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