How to Counsel Towards Resolution


Part of your role as a pastor or staff leader in the church is to counsel people under your care.

The people that come to you are in spiritual warfare. Counsel Towards Resolution - Quote (1)Your goal is to move towards quick resolution in a biblical manner backed by scripture. There is a huge difference between being empathetic about their situation or bringing about a resolution that connects the person back to Christ.

I hope the following information helps you in your counseling sessions:

1. Give the person direction by asking questions

Do everything you can to turn their hearts towards God and weave the truth around the mental roadblocks where they cannot see what is right.  Move them out of the cloud of confusion and bring to them the Truth that will set them free. Some of these questions may be helpful:

“What do you want to happen? If this is resolved, what will it look like? What will your future look like?
What are you willing to do?
What price are you willing to pay in order to bring everything to wholeness in a way that is pleasing to Christ?
How much pain do you want in your life before it’s resolved?
What do you want me to do?
2. Don’t endorse an action that’s unbiblical.

Opt for the truth. God’s mantle is on you.   Do not shy away from correcting a behavior you know is not right.

Finally, a word on guidelines for counseling that will protect you and the church:

You are trustworthy but the devil is not. He knows the vulnerability of the human heart. The ideal counseling would be for a sister to counsel a sister and a brother to meet with a brother.  Put emotional guardrails on your heart and if you have to counsel the opposite sex, do so in a public place such as at a coffee house.

I hope these tips help you. Always remember, the best thing you can do is to steer the hurting towards Jesus, our Healer and Restorer.

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