Corrective Prayers

I know, you may not find these kinds of prayers listed in the New Testament, but you’d better know about them!  they have transformed my life over the past season.

I have an active mind, and sometimes, active minds can get into trouble.  We all can find ourselves dwelling on depressing things, past mistakes, immoral things, or inequalities in life.  That’s nothing new, nor is it something to feel overly guilty about.  I don’t intentionally pray for these thought to come.  They seem to prey on me and show up uninvited!

John Wesley has been credited in stating: “I can’t stop birds from flying over my head, but I can sure stop them from making a nest in my hair!”

What he was saying was that wrong thoughts might accost us, but we don’t have to dwell on them!

That’s well and good, but I sometimes lack the power to turn that around … Until I found this following truth.

The Word of God is filled with heaven’s power and the King’s authority stands behind every word He speaks.  In Galatians 5:17, we find these words: “the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another.”

In other words, you cannot be involved in something of the Spirit and something of the flesh at the same time.  Your mind has to subscribe to one of the other, but in the same room, they will fight and wrestle for dominancy.  My choice is what declares the winner.  And if I choose to walk by the Spirit, the flesh will not be able to succeed.

So … and it works! …  this is what has helped me more that I can describe to you.  In the past when wrong thoughts crowded into my mind and vied for supremacy, and weary of the battle, I would at times give in instead of fight.   But now I do something different.  Because the mind can only dwell on one thing at a time (either of the flesh or the Spirit),  whenever a wrong thought comes to mind, I immediately begin to pray for my family, my children, my spouse, or my ministry.  And when I do, the wrong thoughts cannot retain control.  They lose their grip and soon vanish.

So now I pray, and some days, I pray a great deal!  Corrective prayers are genuine prayers, but they are double purposed prayers.  They not only benefit those for whom I am praying, but they benefit me!

I think if we would all do that whenever immoral, depressing or selfish thoughts show up unannounced, and if we would pray as an automatic response to these intrusions, what great families and healthy churches we would have in one single year!

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