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Full-Time Ambassadors for Christ

God has given the five-fold ministry to the church. He gives various ones as apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors and teachers. This gift is given to equip the saints for ministry. Who is supposed to do the work? It’s not only the pastor, prophet or evangelist. They equip the saints to do ministry. A church will become strong and mature only as the saints to do the work of the ministry. Until we realize that we are all full-time ministers of Christ, we are missing the mark.

As God runs our salaries through the companies that we work for, He wants us to reach people there. He spins us into the work arena, where we are the salt of the earth. Let’s not lose our savior. If we forget who we really are, we will be good for nothing except to be trampled underfoot. We are the light of the world. The Bible says to let our light shine before man so that they see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.

We are full-time Christians, whom God has assigned for this season to be a soldier, a doctor, a lawyer or a salesman. Beneath the surface, we are full-time ministers and ambassadors for Christ.

Equipping the Saints

God gives gifts to the church—us—in the areas of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher. When we do the work of the ministry, the church then matures in becoming the bride of Christ. It begins with using our gifts in doing the Lord’s work.

Pastors are given for the equipping of the saints. Interestingly, the word “equipping” is the Greek word, kartatismon. It means “mend.” It’s found in the Book of Mark, where James and John are mentioned as the sons of Zebedee who were with their father mending nets. Why did they mend the nets? Doing so prepared the nets to catch fish. Jesus told Peter he wouldn’t be catching fish anymore; instead, he would be fishing for men.

There will be times when we attend a service and God mends us. Through worship, by song or sermon, we sense the Lord is mending something within us. If we have an openness, vast but often quiet miracles begin to take place. Mending happens throughout this time.

God, however, doesn’t mend us just so we would sit, mended. He mends us in order to cast us back out into the world to catch fish. When we’re equipped, we can then reach whomever we approach as ambassadors of Christ. God equips us and mends us in order for us to be the bride of Christ in this world that needs Him so desperately. When we start doing the work of His ministry, the bride stands up and becomes powerful.

Heart First

When we started New Hope Christian Fellowship, we initially met at Stevenson Intermediate School. We didn’t have chairs, a sound system or anything else. All we had was heart. We did everything with heart. God used all we had—heart—to build a great church. The church began to grow and grow; then one day, a lady came to me.

“Wayne,” she said, “this is a really neat church. I was here at the beginning.”

“Yeah, isn’t this great?”
“But you know, where’s the heart we started with?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean the heart that we used to have?”
“It’s still there.”

“But, where?”

That night, I went home and asked the Lord, “Where is the heart?”

God spoke to me and I’ve never forgotten it. He said, “The same thing I used to start this church, I will use to grow this church — it is heart. The people loved me, loved one another, worshipped and did everything with all their heart.”

“Yeah, but we’ve grown. We’ve got activities and things and tasks.”

This is what the Lord said: “You must learn to live by heart first so that in everything you do, people will see your heart before they see your task, competency or such. They will first see your heart.”

I can lose heart; we all can. When we’ve got everything down, we want a little more excellence. There’s heart in it, but it’s covered by an overgrowth of other things. God spoke to my heart about this.

He said, “I want you to start pruning back to heart if you must. Prune back to heart.”

We must prune back to heart. I am saying to keep up the competence and sense of excellence, but live heart first, so people won’t see our competence and excellence, or our multi-media, first. We are a church known for our technology, but we should be known for our heart.

We began to prune, prune and prune until we found heart again. Then we started to grow commensurate to our heart’s growth. So, as our heart grows, the church grows, and people will always see the heart of this church. Then, it doesn’t matter how big it is because we’ve learned to live heart first.

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  1. In a 2nd level INSTE group I was leading last night they were studying Homiletics, and the discussion went to the importance of how a speaking event is approached by the speaker can affect the effect on the people receiving. I told them that if I find that I am not excited and “pregnant” with something to deliver that I know can change their lives, then I am concerned. If I am not excited about it, they probably won’t be either. I know of no other factor more important to my own attitude and ability to minister in any capacity effectively than this matter of my heart. It needs to be pure, soft, receptive, and beating passionately with God’s pacemaker.
    I appreciate the article and passed it on as an exhortation from Wayne (and the Lord) to my general leadership team. Thank you.

  2. It seems that once we have some of the things that we prayed for that we need to be reminded about those early days when we started with nothing but a heart to love God and love people. The greatest tool of the gospel is still a heart that cares!

  3. Avery encouraging massage and it is wonderful! The heart makes things to be done well or bad, it will depend what your heart desire that is what comes out. Pastor Wayne thank you for this massage.
    God has made us to be fishers of men, now we are peters and the heart. that means your mentor can know your heart when you have done something good or bad.
    The church can not grow without gifts. Also there is nothing grow without the heart. Even if you see a small tree growing the heart comes first, if the heart comes weak the tree also comes weak, the branches can not help the tree to grow minus the heart. If the coaches heart becomes weak the team will be very weak.

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