Some Assembly Required

A daily devotional journal entry by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro


“I also will no longer drive out before them any of the nations which Joshua left when he died, in order to test Israel by them, whether they will keep the way of the LORD to walk in it as their fathers did, or not” (Judges 2:21-22).


Not everything will be done for us.

How wonderful to have been given committed tutors, having parents that love us, or having the privilege to be under great coaches!

But the truth remains that much of life will still be handed to us in its unfinished state. It is a project that states right there on the box: “Some assembly required!”

The government provides schooling, but only you can convert that into wisdom and character. You can get a spouse, but only you can assemble a healthy marriage. You may sire a child, but quality “parenting” will require some assembly. You can get hired for a job, but success and advancement is a do-it-yourself proposition.

It was in the “assembly required” category that Israel failed. They wanted it handed to them without any requirements on their part. They wanted good things, but God required a good heart. Israel wanted a victory they never deserved, therefore God refused to give them what would never treasure.


We’re often like that, aren’t we? We don’t really want to pray. We just want the benefits of one who did. We don’t want to make the sacrifices necessary for a healthy marriage. We just want the successes of one who did.

God leaves “some assembly required” because without it, our hearts remain immature, susceptible to guile, and a penchant to stray.

So God leaves us with a few battles to stutter our struts. He leaves us with a few setbacks that lower our noses and reintroduce our knees to the floor.

These are the marks of a man or woman that God will use: those…
Whose eyes are wet
Whose knees are bent
Whose hearts are broken
…But now are mended by His grace. These are the ones who assemble a life that bears fruit, and fruit that remains.


Father, I choose to be one of these men. Thank you for the battles you have left behind for me to win… for it doing so, my heart is conquered, humbled, and made ready for Your entry.

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