No Neutrality

Old vs. New

History has shown us that times do change and the older ways get replaced, sometimes by abuse, forgetfulness or error. But sometimes, we have a tendency to throw out the old for the new, simply for the sake of change.

My message is simple: I want to remind you again of our assignment in this world.

In the Book of Mark, Jesus gives His followers some snapshots or glimpses of what the last days will generally look like. There will be increased wars between countries. There will be earthquakes, famines and persecutions and even an increase in false prophets or leaders.

In these last days, the lines between right and wrong starts to get blurred. So, in order to clear things up, God is going to shake some things. That is what the Bible says because there is to be no neutrality, no middle ground.

There Will be a Shaking

“When God spoke from Mount Sinai, His voice shook the earth, but now He makes another promise: ‘Once again I will shake not only the earth but the heavens also.’ This means that things on earth will be shaken, so that only eternal things will be left” (Heb. 12:26-27).

God is going to do a shaking. He may use a failing economy, the unraveling of the fabric of our society or a meltdown in our leadership. But whatever means God uses, there will be a shaking.

Those who are ambivalent or unsure—those who are living in pretense, those without a deep root system—are going to fall away. Why? Because in the last days, there will be no neutrality, no middle ground, and bad will get worse.

Here is the interesting thing: bad will get worse and good will get better. What group do you want to be in?

Here is the good news: you can choose. You and I can choose what group we want to be in. We have got to make a choice in these last days; otherwise, we will all simply blend in.

I want to challenge every single one of us to be pillars and supports of truth in a changing society. Mark my words, changes will come faster and faster and will become an ever-increasing vortex.

The trick is to be steadfast without being belligerent. As Christians, the test is to be teachable without being gullible, to be courageous without being arrogant and to be righteous without becoming self-righteous. We must be able to enter the world to reach people without having the world enter us.

I want to give you three choices that you need to make before the tests come. If you don’t make these choices now, you will get caught up in the centrifuge of change, not knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Three Choices

1. Choose This Day Who You Will Serve

You will be tested and when the test comes, it is too late to make your choice. You will fail. There is no neutrality, especially in these end times.

Now remember, the Bible says that we are the pillar and support of the truth. When the shaking comes, if we don’t know where we stand, we will break ranks and that is when the enemy comes flooding through.

Choose this day who you will serve. That is the first choice you have to make before things start changing so quickly that one day, people won’t be able to tell the difference between God-followers and Baal-worshippers.

There is going to be a shaking until God sees that there is a remnant that stands fast as the pillar and support of the truth.

2. Choose the Posture You Will Take

This is the attitude or the disposition that you have. How do you stand for the truth? Will you do it with a condescending attitude, with a self-righteous attitude, with something that makes you more of an enforcer?

No! In fact, you must remember that Jesus Christ lived His life on earth in order to model how He intended for us to live. We must be people who model our lives after Him.

Remember, Jesus lived the life we are intended to live. Look at the way He treated people. He did not endorse sin, but He did not treat them poorly or berate them in their unrighteousness.

3. How Will You Respond When Tested?

Remember, we are all going to be tested. It is in those times we will require a deepened faith.

You will be tested. So what will you do? Concede, buckle your knees, blend in and start to shake? Or stand strong and realize that you will be misunderstood? As a Christian, you must understand that we are a minority. My prayer is that God will renew our purpose on this earth as stalwart pillars that show others the way home. Even though the world might be shaking, we will stand fast.

It will not always be easy. These times will cause some friendships to cease, but if we stand for the truth and refuse to vacillate, many will come around. Remember, we don’t stand against as much as we are standing for the truth. So, don’t forget who you are in these days and times. There is no neutrality. The world may change, but stay stalwart in your family and your home.

Remember we represent Christ as best we can. The times are changing, but some things never change. Choose well and watch how God will use you in the upcoming days and in the long run for His glory.

You only have one life to give. Do it God’s way and one day, you will hear Him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” When you hear that, you will be so glad that you stood firm as a representative for Christ.

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