Becoming a Leader in Your Church

Aspire to be a leader! Aspire to be someone whom God uses! Don’t look at it as something unreachable or beyond your challenge point. Look at it as something you can do because if you see something as too hard, it will be. It’s critical to see yourself doing that challenge because God can use anyone.

The Bible says that it’s great if you aspire to be a leader. It says to go for it. Aspire to be an overseer. And, if anyone aspires to the office of an overseer or a leader, it is a fine work they desire to do because this is what the Lord wants us to do.

When you see something that seems unreachable, you will be surprised to find you have the faith for it. When you tell yourself you can’t do it, you won’t have the faith.

Any Bush

None of us deserve anything because we are all just “filthy rags.” In ourselves, we have nothing, but God isn’t looking for talented people. God is looking for available people.

In the desert, Moses was walking by and saw a burning bush. He noticed the fire did not consume the bush. The flame originated from and was being sourced in the Lord. The Lord, not the bush, was providing the flame. God was providing that power. Was there anything special about that one bush? Could God have used any bush? Absolutely, but any bush will do when God is providing the heat! We’re all like bushes and God can use us because the heat comes from Him, not us.

Don’t limit God! Only you can determine how much God will do in your life.

Personal Attributes of an Overseer or Leader

  1. Above Reproach
  2. There cannot be one blot on your life that people will look at and will question. For example, you cannot go to church and lead a care group but smoke dope on the corner of the street every night. If there is even one blot, you are not above reproach. You must be above reproach.

  3. Temperate
  4. Temperate means you don’t have extremes in your life. Listen to what the Lord says; you need to make sure you are a man or woman of temperance and that you don’t overdo anything. You keep everything to a tempered, even keel.

  5. Prudent/Wise
  6. Though there is freedom in Christ, don’t dress in such a way that you no longer command respect. The Bible says to be sure you retain respectability. Stay respectable because you are representing Jesus Christ.

  7. Faithful Stewards
  8. Be free, not necessarily from money, but from the love of money. Be free from the love of money so that you use money for God’s purposes. When God sees that you are faithful in that way, He will funnel a lot more through you because He needs faithful people to steward funds well. The Bible says that God is the one who is your source. It’s not your bank, not your job and not anything that might be giving you or channeling money to your bank. God is the source.

  9. Manages Household
  10. If a man cannot manage his own household well, how will he take care of the church of God? He keeps his children under control with all dignity.

    The Bible says I have to be a good husband. I have a right to speak behind this pulpit because of my family, my wife and relationships. If that is cracking or going, I will have to leave everything to make sure my relationship with my wife and my family is number one and everything else is secondary to that.

    I love to come home because I know it’s a city of refuge there. It is very important for a leader’s life. I would encourage all of you who are married: one of your greatest ministries on this earth is not your care group or evangelism, but it is your marriage. If we want to be leaders in our church, our marriage is really critical.

  11. Good Reputation Outside Church

What is your reputation like outside the church? What do people outside the church, who are not Christians, think of you? If people who don’t even know the Lord can’t see you as a leader, then you are not a leader. We need to be men and women who have a measure of character in our life that we are leaders even with those outside the church. They may not agree with us on all points, but they will notice you are a great person. They can trust you and know you will always give your best.

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