Daniel – A Man of Prayer

Hanging Out With God

In the Old Testament, there was a man who was known as a man of prayer. He was thrown in a lion’s den, but God kept him safe because he was a man of prayer. His name was Daniel.

One of the main results of prayer is that it gives us an extraordinary spirit. Daniel would pray often; he did that his whole life. People would look at Daniel and say, “Daniel has an extraordinary spirit. There is something buoying on the inside of him.”

It is so important to be a person of prayer who hangs out a lot with God. When we ask God what He thinks, He begins to settle certain things in our spirit and there is a witness as to what is right.

We will begin to develop ears that hear God. We will develop an extraordinary spirit because we are praying and hanging out a lot with God. We are talking with Him about everything and processing our thoughts and feelings.

God is not looking for people who just pray. He is looking for those who pray correctly so the results of prayer are seen. He uses men and women who, because of prayer, have developed an extraordinary spirit.

What are some of the results of praying correctly as we have defined it?

1. It Increases Confidence and Trust

If we are people who pray, our confidence and trust in God should increase. If it doesn’t, we should rethink our definition of prayer or the way we are praying. Remember that praying is talking and hanging out with God a lot. Praying means having His insight and wisdom and incorporating that into our lives. It develops knowledge, insight and an extraordinary spirit. God wants people who pray correctly and have the results of an extraordinary spirit. Prayer is not an end in itself; it is a means to something greater. It is a means to becoming the people that God designed us to be.


2. It Optimizes Our Time

Another result of praying correctly is that it optimizes our time. Some people feel that prayer takes up so much time and they do not have the time to pray.

However, over the years, I have found that prayer does not take up my time. Instead, not praying takes up my time; I make stupid decisions when I do not consult God.  Prayer does not take up our time; it saves us time.

When we hang out with God and talk to Him about everything, we come to our senses a lot quicker. Do not live under the lie of the devil that prayer takes up too much time.

“Keep watching and praying that you may not enter temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matt. 26:41).

Prayer optimizes our time. Prayer develops a deeper character, an insight and wisdom to be able to discern what God is saying in every situation. It buoys our spirit; it gives us an extraordinary spirit.

3. It Increases Our Spirit

We are to take the time to pray and invest in maintaining and building our spirit. Our spirit may include our attitude. It may include our disposition. It is our inner man that is buoyed. If our spirits sag, everything else goes south.

We have a low or weak spirit when we are easily exasperated or discouraged, or our spirit surrenders to anything that pushes back on us. However, when we pray correctly, one of the results of hanging out with God is He increases our spirit.

When we are people known for our extraordinary spirits, we are pure gold because we are extremely valuable in any endeavor. On the other hand, if we have a low tide of our spirit and we are susceptible to everything, we have to be protected; we have to be cajoled. We will have problems with everything.

When we are a people of prayer, God also begins to make things clearer. We will see the difference between a concern and a responsibility. When we make a concern our responsibility, it will kill us. We cannot bear up under the weight. We cannot make the mistake of making a concern synonymous with our responsibility.

What do we do with concern? We are to intercede; we are to supplicate. We are to bring it to God in prayer. We must discern between a concern and a responsibility. If not, we are going to mix them up: what should be just a concern becomes our responsibility.

What is our responsibility? We are responsible for our children, our own spirit, our finances and our attitudes. We need to invest in these and maintain them.

Other things that are concerns are not our responsibility. We take those to God in prayer, but we invest in the things that are our responsibility. How will we know the difference? Spend time with God in prayer. He will clarify things.

The results of prayer please God immensely. He says, “That is the kind of people who will be in heaven.” We want to be people like that on earth. One man or one woman of prayer can change a nation.


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