Courage Sermon by Francis Chan

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  1. Francis Chan speaks truth. He is one of the only pastors who has the guts to speak the truth. The modern church is dead and we need more people like him who speak truth in love.

  2. Sat in this last sermon of Francis Chan… so real… and so deep… so transparent and honest… did pray.. and take notes… will be a process for all message to soak in… reap the wisdom…glad to come back and hear again… may I speak these words into my life…so inspiring he talk with much prepare and anointing of Holy Spirit…”how do I love them… ohana”…continue to press in…

  3. Francis Chan and his wife are such an inspiration for God’s children who reside in the developed nations. We have the potential to do better as loving servants of the Lord. We can be likened to the “rich man” who will encounter greater difficulty than the camel going through the “eye of a needle”. The gate is narrow. We need “to be stirred up” by the Holy Spirit. We need to be willing to draw near to our Lord, connect to His heart, and follow His lead. Mahalo Pastor Chan.

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