Succession Planning

Succession Planning - Mentoring Leaders

I’ve heard these words often: “Who will take over when the leader leaves?”

“What if he dies? Where will that leave us?” When any endeavor is being led well, the common bent of people will  always be toward fear. But this fear can distract the team from pressing forward, innovating new advances and risk-taking new terrain. Fear about succession makes us hunker down and become self-absorbed. The team frosts over with conservatism, territorialism, and suspicion. Entropy breaks the RPM of momentum’s flywheel.

When Seasons Change: Part 2

When Seasons Change- Part 2 - Mentoring Leaders

Focus on your faith, and not your frustrations.
We all want a life of peace but it doesn’t seem like that’s God’s intention. Why? Probably because God knows better. God knows when we get comfortable, we tend to start to get lazy, slide on things, and fall away. As they say: The toughest test is not of poverty but that of prosperity.” This saying calls attention to the fact that it is perhaps when we are successful and comfortable that we are most vulnerable to forgetting our dependence on God:

When Seasons Change: Part 1

When Season Change - Part 1- Mentoring Leaders

Life is all about change. We all experience change but do we like it? Generally speaking….No!

But life is all about change. In fact, we are about change as well. Just think of it, we lose about 150-200 strands of hair every day (some of us more!) but each day they are replaced with others. Change…it’s simply a reflection of the progression of life.

Make Us Live

Make Us LIve - Mentoring Leaders

Did you ever have a bone out of place? If you did, then you know that the pain is excruciating. Israel had bones out of place, bones that had been disjointed and the pain was excruciating. Instead of putting bones back in place—putting both vertical and horizontal relationships in place in their hearts—they would suffer in excruciating pain, seeing their economy go down and their lives go bad. Whenever Read More

No Neutrality

No Neutrality - Mentoring Leaders (1)

History has shown us that times do change and the older ways get replaced, sometimes by abuse, forgetfulness or error. But sometimes, we have a tendency to throw out the old for the new, simply for the sake of change.

My message is simple: I want to remind you again of our assignment in this world.

The Small Beginnings of Big Changes

The Small Beginnings of Big Changes - Mentoring Leaders

How many of you believe that our greatest days lie yet ahead of us? Yes, we’ve always got to think that way because our greatest potential is that which is ahead of us. It motivates us into the future. Always think that way. Mustard Seed Beginnings You know how God’s work begins? It’s not in big, radical ways, but in small beginnings. Every one of us can be a part of the Kingdom of God Read More

Dream Releasers

Dream Releasers - Mentoring Leaders

Dream Releasers who set the environment for doing church as a team must have one outstanding quality: security. Pastors and leaders, if you do not feel secure as a leader, you will find it virtually impossible to attract, develop or retain others. You cannot do church as a team while battling insecurity.

Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership- Mentoring Leaders

We know that the book of Timothy is a Pastoral epistle, which means a shepherding or coaching letter to young Timothy from Paul. This particular passage of scripture or Paul’s letter deals with guarding ones faith and trust in God because our trust in God can sometimes shy back, recuse itself, or become timid.