God is at Work in the Worst of Times


A Story for Everyone We all wonder where God is at times, especially when we have no dream or vision, or lack purpose. We wonder where God is when tragedy after tragedy strikes our faith like lightning. In tough times, we wonder if a life of integrity is really worth living. The Book of Ruth is for people of ordinary faith, like us, who can’t imagine that God could do anything great through Read More

Finding the Keys to Your Community


Every community has its own set of keys — keys that will open doors, keys that will unlock hearts, keys that will release what was once enclosed. If you use the keys to your community, it will save you years of rapping your knuckles on doors to no avail. It will allow access for the Gospel with other attempts fail. Ask God for the keys to your community because every community has them. How Read More

The Small Beginnings of Big Changes


How many of you believe that our greatest days lie yet ahead of us? Yes, we’ve always got to think that way because our greatest potential is that which is ahead of us. It motivates us into the future. Always think that way. Mustard Seed Beginnings You know how God’s work begins? It’s not in big, radical ways, but in small beginnings. Every one of us can be a part of the Kingdom of God Read More

Pure Heart. Skillful Hands.


Servant of God To be a servant of God, there are three things to consider: character, competence and culture. King David was someone who had integrity of heart and competence and who changed an entire culture. David was anointed privately as a teenager, but there was much to be done before God would call him the apple of His eye. There was much to be done before he would be called a man after Read More

No Neutrality


Old vs. New History has shown us that times do change and the older ways get replaced, sometimes by abuse, forgetfulness or error. But sometimes, we have a tendency to throw out the old for the new, simply for the sake of change. My message is simple: I want to remind you again of our assignment in this world. In the Book of Mark, Jesus gives His followers some snapshots or glimpses of what Read More

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Failure … it is something we fear, yet we have all experienced. It is part of the human experience to take risks at times and risk implies failure. Whenever we dare to do new things, we risk failure. It is implicit in living and striving for success. In fact, the only way to avoid failure is to never try, and that is no way to live at all. All of us experience failure and everybody experiences Read More

Living Intentionally


For years, I have made “to do” lists. They have kept me on target and I’ve saved hundreds of unplanned dollars. Ever gone shopping without one? The most devastating combination is … shopping at a grocery store while being hungry! Every food item on each aisle calls your name: the chips beckon, salsa dances, and the aroma of fried chicken in the deli section enthralls your senses as never before. But Read More

Adjust Your Sights


Like with a riffle, you’ve got to adjust your sights. If your sights are off, it doesn’t matter how much skill you have, you’re going to be off target. What do I mean by that? If you want to increase the accuracy of the trajectory of your bullet you’ve got to make sure that you have a rear sight that’s in line with the front sight. Your front sight simply means your vision of what God has for Read More

Urgency In Life


Breath is for but a moment. It refreshes the lungs and brings another few seconds of life to the human body, but then it is used up and gone. It cannot be extended for more than a few minutes at most, but though a breath may be kept, it will lose its effectiveness to oxygenate after a minute or so. “Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.” (Psalm 144:4) God likens our life on Read More

Hybrid Assignment


Hybrid cars are rising in popularity along with rising gas prices. The word “hybrid” can mean the combination of two or more elements that results in a third “species,” such as a vehicle that is powered by a combination of gas and electricity. It can also describe the formation of new words in our English language. Two different words combined can create a third word. For example, the word “television” Read More