The God of New Beginnings

The God of

God said, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden.” Still, many remain without His help because that requires a willing heart. The Lord extends an invitation to every one of us. It doesn’t matter if we feel like we are a thousand miles away from God. He will take every step toward us except for the last step. That step is ours! When we take that step, there is a partnership and a relationship Read More

A Season of Harvest

A Season of Harvest

We are called “a church without walls.” We don’t have the traditional church, a building with a steeple or stained glass. The common conception is that when people think of a church, they identify it with a building. But the church isn’t a building. This church—New Hope—is YOU! Church services are not the extent of our Christianity. As wonderful as the service might be, that is not the Read More

Worship Amidst Uncertainty

worship amidst uncertainty

What do we do in uncertain times? What does God expect of us when things are out of our control? We can’t control everything. But we spend a lot of our life trying to control what we can’t control. In doing so, we lose what we do have and what we should have stewarded — family, relationships, favor with God, our faith, our devotion and relationships with mankind. We lose these things that Read More



All of us are going to be faced with decisions. Do we have the capacity to make divine decisions, or are we just out of luck? Out of the 300 decisions that we make every day, 10 percent will be future-altering decisions that can alter our finances, futures and even our faith. I am convinced that life is made up of 10 percent of what happens to us and 90 percent of what we choose to do with what Read More

Time and Opportunity

Mentoring Leaders - Time and Opporutnity

Life is Short Doctors keep pushing on our hurt areas despite our protests. It may be painful for us, but they do it for a reason. They need to push or check it so the injury or problem can be treated; then, treatment leads to healing. Sometimes, our protests and cries are actually our justifications and rationalizations. We want the pain of the pushing to stop and we forget about treating the Read More

Hidden in Plain Sight

Mentoring Leaders - HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT

F2F “F2F.” Do you know what that means? “Face to face.” There is a new wave of social networking that can cause us to become people who hide in plain sight. In this socially connected world, people are still not connected. Divorce rates are the same. Families are still breaking apart. Greed in America is at its highest peak and everyone is still looking out for number one. People now Read More

Adjust Your Sights

Mentoring Leaders - Adjust your sights

Like with a rifle, you’ve got to adjust your sights. If your sights are off, it doesn’t matter how much skill you have, you’re going to be off target. What do I mean by that? If you want to increase the accuracy of the trajectory of your bullet you’ve got to make sure that you have a rear sight that’s in line with the front sight. Your front sight simply means your vision of what God has for you Read More

Succession Planning

Succession Planning - Mentoring Leaders

I’ve heard these words often: “Who will take over when the leader leaves?”

“What if he dies? Where will that leave us?” When any endeavor is being led well, the common bent of people will  always be toward fear. But this fear can distract the team from pressing forward, innovating new advances and risk-taking new terrain. Fear about succession makes us hunker down and become self-absorbed. The team frosts over with conservatism, territorialism, and suspicion. Entropy breaks the RPM of momentum’s flywheel.

No Neutrality

No Neutrality - Mentoring Leaders (1)

History has shown us that times do change and the older ways get replaced, sometimes by abuse, forgetfulness or error. But sometimes, we have a tendency to throw out the old for the new, simply for the sake of change.

My message is simple: I want to remind you again of our assignment in this world.

The Small Beginnings of Big Changes

The Small Beginnings of Big Changes - Mentoring Leaders

How many of you believe that our greatest days lie yet ahead of us? Yes, we’ve always got to think that way because our greatest potential is that which is ahead of us. It motivates us into the future. Always think that way. Mustard Seed Beginnings You know how God’s work begins? It’s not in big, radical ways, but in small beginnings. Every one of us can be a part of the Kingdom of God Read More