Do You Do Windows?

Mentoring Leaders - DO YOU DO WINDOWS-

Whenever he hires new church staff, a good friend of mine will always ask at some point in the interview, “But do you do windows?”

He is not asking if they are savvy with the Microsoft operating system; he literally means washing windows. It doesn’t matter to him if the person he is hiring is a talented worship leader, staff counselor, or computer expert. He wants to know if they have the servant-heartedness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Working Your Way Up

Mentoring Leaders -Working Your Way Up

Why do we get haunted by bigger and better?

Why is it so difficult to be satisfied?

Why it is so hard to be content?

Maybe it’s a better job, maybe it’s a more succulent steak, maybe it’s a nicer boss, maybe it’s a prettier girlfriend, maybe it’s a nicer car, maybe it’s a more luxurious condo, maybe it’s a better vacation than last year, or maybe it’s as little as a better cup of coffee than yesterday; but the spiritual energies of your life can be consumed by working your way up.

Mary – Learning to Listen

Mentoring Leaders - MARY- Learning to Listen

We live in a fast-forward world where busy-ness is equated with importance and success. We think that because someone is busy, that person must be important. But the Lord says that the way the world sees things is not how he sees them. And the result of our busy-ness is just that—busy-ness. We’ve become too busy to listen anymore. One person from whom we can learn godly listening is through Read More

Increasing Your Future

Mentoring Leaders - Increasing Your Future

The Master’s Design Every single one of us started off in God’s design room. None of us is a mistake. It doesn’t matter who our father or mother is. We might think we were a mistake, but none of us is a mistake! God had each of us planned from the foundation of the world. We were in His design room and God looked at our future and what’s best for us, and He planned it out, step by step. Read More


Mentoring Leaders - CONTENTMENT (1)

The Goal of the Enemy’s Attacks: To Get You to be Dissatisfied with what You Have

The devil’s tactic was to try to tempt the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the wilderness, and the same is true with you and with me. The devil’s bottom line to tempt you is to get you to feel dissatisfied with what you have. If he can get us to feel dissatisfied with what we have, when we are dissatisfied, we will play into his hands. This is the same temptation he used with Eve in the Garden of Eden.

If the enemy can get you to feel dissatisfied, then you will fall! When the enemy is successful, then you begin to make dumb decisions.


Mentoring Leaders - Batons

Leadership in the past, has been defined in a myriad of ways: organizational, tactical, technical, executive and managerial. It has been used to describe the 360-degree leader, the 180-degree leader, the empty leader or the forward leader. They now come in every flavor, size and color. The Leadership Baton may very well be one of the most important rubrics of our era. Too often, we perceive leadership Read More

Leadership That Lasts

Mentoring Leaders - Leadership that Lasts

The differences between successful people and unsuccessful people are very small; but that which is very small is very big!

Some lead in order to gain the position of a leader. Others lead because they want to influence people for their good.

Some leaders love people so they live to make their lives easier for them. Others love the potential that lies within people and agitate them in order to bring their potential to reality.

Some are satisfied when people recognize them as a ‘leader’. Others are satisfied when others begin to recognize the leadership within themselves.


Mentoring Leaders - THE POWER OF WEAKNESS

I recall struggling through a season of ministry some years ago when everything seemed to be falling off the shelves.

My family was in disarray, two board members were disillusioned, we had planted another church and many of our leaders left, and now we were low on funds. I prayed for God’s power and kept motoring forward. But things began to go from bad to worse. Staff problems increased and my health began to suffer. Knowing that the ministry had to continue, I shook it off and regrouped. A few weeks passed, and then I could bear it no more. Ready to pack it in and call it quits, I did one last thing.



The following post is written by Francis Chan, his and Pastor Wayne’s book, Sifted.
It’s hard to be a church leader.

We try so hard for people to love Jesus. And when they don’t, we ask why —again and again. Like: Why don’t you people serve more? Why don’t you tithe more? Why don’t you love the people in your neighborhood more? Why don’t you share your faith?