Daily Obedience


  One of the things that can easily destroy us is that we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading. When your family starts to crash it takes you three months to repair the infection, whereas if you’d obeyed it would have saved you many months. I cannot tell you how important it is to daily obey Jesus. Proverbs 3:1 & 2 My son, do not forget my teaching, But let your heart keep my commandments; Read More

Remember the Sabbath


Sometimes, as busy pastors and leaders we think, “I’ve got so much to do I just can’t take a Sabbath.” NO, that’s very wrong thinking. You’ll kill yourself. For years I’ve had a plan for taking my Sabbath. Sometimes I found that I wasn’t able to take a whole day off all at once, in one nice neat package, so then I’d take snip-its of Sabbaths. I’d take an afternoon here and a morning somewhere else, but basically one day out of seven I’d desist—it might be an afternoon here and a morning there, but it would total one day a week. Then I’d also take off every seventh weekend. I’d be out of the pulpit.

Keeping Our Spirit Fresh

Green wheat field

You communicate in three ways: through your words, your gestures, and through your spirit. Which do you think is most important? I bet you guessed it. Not through our words, but the spirit with which we speak those words. That is what gives our words meaning, depth, credence. But our spirit can flag. We become fatigued with the daily-ness of leading, and we end up still doing the deeds but they Read More

Ready, Fire… Aim!


Identifying That Which is Most Important Most people don’t take the time to identify their target first. We take life as it comes with very little forethought and preparation. We do more planning when it comes to buying a used car then we do in living our lives. We shoot first then wonder if we hit anything. The more you identify what that is, the more likely you will be of hitting the target! So Read More

Appealing to Those in Authority


In life, each and every person will be under some kind of authority. Yet, “authority” is often misunderstood. Those in authority bear great responsibility. God has placed these people in our lives to help us — either to direct our lives or to help us learn life lessons. The good news is that God is able to work through all of these. Our responsibility is to learn what our role is, change if we Read More

Finding Confidence in the Desert


Saul was jealous of David and all his successes, so he pursued him relentlessly for a long period of time. David had his chances to kill Saul and claim the throne that God had promised him, but he refused. He remained a faithful servant of God and waited upon the Lord to rescue him, except for a season when David separated himself from God. Living in the Desert It isn’t common knowledge, Read More

Ways to Soothe Disputes


Family feuds are a part of life. They involve people who were once amiable, but who are now somewhat antagonistic and miles apart. These feuds are sometimes caused by major breakdowns, but more often, they are caused by cuts and scrapes that become infected. Never Underestimate Minor Tribulations How many relationships have been broken because of a minor and often foolish problem? An untrue Read More