Dare To Be A Darius

Mentoring Leaders - Dare To Be A Darius

I don’t need to write this, because you know it’s true, but I’ll write it again as a reminder: many things in your life are out of your control. We live in a world filled with injustice, oppression, corruption, disaster, disease, and various other kinds of trouble. Many of us have experienced loss, tragedy, and suffering because of the condition of our fallen world. As I’ve traveled around the global Read More

Fallen is Babylon

Mentoring Leaders - FALLEN IS BABYLON (1)

Babylon was probably the first of the great cities in the ancient world. It was an economic, political, scientific, and cultural center. Think of it as the ancient equivalent of New York, Singapore, or London.

Babylon was impressive in human standards, but we find in Revelation 18 that God was not impressed. The entire chapter – entitled The Fall of Babylon – is a condemnation of this once-magnificent culture.

It culminates with verse 21: “Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, ‘So will Babylon the great city be thrown down with violence, and will be found no more.’”

Why did Babylon fall? There’s so much to say, but I want to focus on just one phrase: As she gloried herself… (Revelation 18:7)

Managing Discontent


It does not matter how long one has been in ministry; we need to continue learning and be subject to correction. Unfortunately, as we move higher in ministry, fewer opportunities occur through which we will be corrected. When we are at the low end of the totem pole and on the bottom of the food chain, everybody loves to correct us. However, as we rise on the food chain, fewer and fewer people correct Read More


Mentoring Leaders - Steady for the Long Haul

I don’t know where you are in your walk with the Lord, what season you’re in, or what happened in your past, but I want to start from right where you are at today. All of us, in the beginning of a ministry, job or marriage, will find life fun and exciting. But sooner or later the fun and excitement will turn into a season of steadiness. This is the point where we need to learn the critical life lesson Read More

Appealing to Those in Authority

Mentoring Leaders - Appealing to Those In Authority

In life, each and every person will be under some kind of authority. Yet, “authority” is often misunderstood. Those in authority bear great responsibility. God has placed these people in our lives to help us — either to direct our lives or to help us learn life lessons. The good news is that God is able to work through all of these. Our responsibility is to learn what our role is, change if Read More

Working Your Way Up

Mentoring Leaders -Working Your Way Up

Why do we get haunted by bigger and better?

Why is it so difficult to be satisfied?

Why it is so hard to be content?

Maybe it’s a better job, maybe it’s a more succulent steak, maybe it’s a nicer boss, maybe it’s a prettier girlfriend, maybe it’s a nicer car, maybe it’s a more luxurious condo, maybe it’s a better vacation than last year, or maybe it’s as little as a better cup of coffee than yesterday; but the spiritual energies of your life can be consumed by working your way up.

Mary – Learning to Listen

Mentoring Leaders - MARY- Learning to Listen

We live in a fast-forward world where busy-ness is equated with importance and success. We think that because someone is busy, that person must be important. But the Lord says that the way the world sees things is not how he sees them. And the result of our busy-ness is just that—busy-ness. We’ve become too busy to listen anymore. One person from whom we can learn godly listening is through Read More

With the Help of Our God

Mentoring Leaders - With the Help of Our God

Nehemiah 6:9,15,16


The enemies of the Israelites led by Sanballat and Tobiah, had a plan … to discourage the people of God from completing their task. If the Israelites gave up, the enemies of the Lord would have reason to rejoice. It would be chalked up as a victory against the God followers.

The enemy knew what was in them, but the question was whether or not the people knew.