Transitional Storms

Mentoring Leaders - Transitional Storms

In our lives, we all go through transitions. I call them transitional storms because throughout our lives we are just transitioning time and time again. Transition is the ability to go from one place to the next (as Jesus told his disciples in Mark 4:35). Jesus said let us go over to the other side. To transition from this place to another place. And if you’re going to move in transition, there’s a few things we have to know if we’re going transition well. It seems like our life is one big transition. It’s interesting to me that just about the time we get good with one thing – all of a sudden there’s a transition in our life. You will find in life that constantly you will go through transitions.

Making Room at the Top

Mentoring Leaders - Making Room at the Top

In high school, I noticed a strange phenomenon. The freshmen got smaller every year. It was really weird.

When my friends and I walked onto campus for the first day of our freshman year we were legit high schoolers, admittedly a little intimidated by the seniors, but plenty cool in our own right.

Not so with the punks that came in the next year. Something must have happened at the middle school to stunt their growth. None of the new ninth graders were anywhere near as big, smart, or mature as we had been the year before.

A Macedonian Calling: Part 2

Mentoring Leaders - A Macedonian Calling- Part 2

Whenever people come to us with various requests, it is necessary that we make the distinction between the voice of God and the voice of man. Discerning the voice of God is seldom easy. Pastors are apt to make more mistakes in this area when they are starting out in ministry. I said yes to more things in my earlier days than I do now. Hopefully, as I have grown older I have learned to discern God’s voice better. But even after many years, this is no simple thing.

A Macedonian Calling: Part 1

Mentoring Leaders - A Macedonian Calling- Part 1

“This was God’s will for my life.”

A lot of us are on a frenzied search to discover God’s will before we stick out a toe, and we have a romanticized idea that if we’re walking with God in the right way, we will always know his calling ahead of time. True, the promise all the way through Scripture is that God will lead his people, but the promise does not necessarily guarantee clarity, and there is an important but subtle distinction to be made between the two: the certainty that he will lead and the clarity of the leading.

Innovation’s Blind Spot

Mentoring Leaders - Innovation's Blind Spot

If Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret is that most innovations fail, innovation’s blind spot is the failure to see that protecting the past is as important as creating the future.

Recently, while discussing what makes for a successful serial innovator™ with a group of pastors and business leaders, I was struck again that when it comes to leadership and innovation, all the sex appeal is on creating the future. But all the peril comes from failing to protect the past.

Slow Down – You Move Too Fast!

Mentoring Leaders - Slow Down - You Move Too Fast!

Because North Coast Church has been somewhat innovative over the years and successfully made lots of changes, I’m often asked by other pastors and leaders about the best way to go about making major organizational and ministry changes.

My answer often surprises them. I usually tell them to, “Slow down.” It’s not what they expect from someone with a reputation as an innovator. Now let me be clear. I don’t tell them to stop. No way. But I often tell them to slow down. And here’s why:

Make Us Live

Make Us LIve - Mentoring Leaders

Did you ever have a bone out of place? If you did, then you know that the pain is excruciating. Israel had bones out of place, bones that had been disjointed and the pain was excruciating. Instead of putting bones back in place—putting both vertical and horizontal relationships in place in their hearts—they would suffer in excruciating pain, seeing their economy go down and their lives go bad. Whenever Read More

No Neutrality

No Neutrality - Mentoring Leaders (1)

History has shown us that times do change and the older ways get replaced, sometimes by abuse, forgetfulness or error. But sometimes, we have a tendency to throw out the old for the new, simply for the sake of change.

My message is simple: I want to remind you again of our assignment in this world.