Ways to Soothe Disputes


Family feuds are a part of life. They involve people who were once amiable, but who are now somewhat antagonistic and miles apart. These feuds are sometimes caused by major breakdowns, but more often, they are caused by cuts and scrapes that become infected. Never Underestimate Minor Tribulations How many relationships have been broken because of a minor and often foolish problem? An untrue Read More

Samson: An Unlikely Voice on Building Relationships


A Bad Example Samson is an unlikely voice teaching us about building relationships. Samson never got it right with women. He never really got it right throughout his whole life! HE was forever getting into trouble in his relationships by doing an action, which resulted in revenge, which produced retaliation. Can we learn from Samson about building relationships? What does he have to teach us? If Read More

Fight for Your Family

Fight For Your Family

Someone one said that the darkest place of any lighthouse is always at its base. The same can be said of our families. A pastor or a Christian leader can shine a radiant beam out to the horizons, warning ships of dangers waters. . . while their own unmaintained plumbing floods the home. Part of my ‘five percent’ is the health and closeness of my family. And so it is for you, my friend. Fight Read More

The Faith of Thanksgiving

ML 11 - 27 Text

“Was no one found who turned back to give glory to God, except this foreigner?” And He said to him, “Rise, and go your way; your faith has made you well.” – Luke 17:18 & 19 As I was doing my devotions early one morning at my favorite coffee cafe, something caught my eye in this passage and I had to stop and ponder. The stubborn disciples had just logged a request with the Lord a few verses Read More

Disciplining Yourself for the Purpose of Godliness


As we grow, there are certain character qualities of maturity that need to become evident. One of those things is learning about how to discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness. We’re going to talk about the state of your heart in which you will make the best decisions and you won’t always feel that wonderful, because there will be times when your emotions will drop and you’ll be in Read More

My Top Five Percent


If you and I are going to enjoy healing and rest at our very core, we must discover and discern the top 5 percent of life.
Eight-five percent of what we do, anyone can do: checking e-mail, answering messages, attending meetings, reading the newspaper or trade journals, and making simple decisions. These tasks don’t require an elite expertise or specialized skill. Many of these tasks can be delegated to others so we can concentrate on what’s most important to the job we have been given to do.

The Forgotten Side of Leadership


I find that one of the most common missing ingredients in the leaders I work with is adequate training.
I don’t mean that they haven’t received adequate training. I mean they fail to provide adequate training to those they lead.
Leaders like to lead. We love to come up with a vision and then marshal the troops to get the job done. But as leaders, we often fail to explain the why behind the what. The result is often a team that knows what to do but has no clue why they need to do it – or do it that way.

When Someone Insists Only the Pastor Will Do!


People will take everything you have, all the time you’ve got, and all the energy you can spare if you will let them. It will leave you burnt out and you’ll start to hide. Your favorite Scripture becomes: “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” (Ps. 55:6)
But that is not because people are greedy nor are they problematic…

Time or Task? How Many Hours Should Staff Members Work? (Part 2)


In my last post, I pointed out that asking how many hours a staff member should work is asking the wrong question.

– and worse, it’s a question with two different right answers. I then proceeded to look at the question of how many hours from a leader’s perspective. In this post we’ll look at it from a staff member’s perspective. From a leader’s perspective, the question of how many hours a staff member spends on the job or in the office is irrelevant (assuming of course their job is not to answer phones or be constantly available in a support role).

Time or Task? How Many Hours Should Staff Members Work? (Part 1)


The following is a guest post from Pastor Wayne’s good friend, Larry Osborne.

I’m often asked by other pastors and leaders about the best way to go about making major organizational and ministry changes.

My answer often surprises them. I usually tell them to, “Slow down.” It’s not what they expect from someone with a reputation as an innovator. Now let me be clear. I don’t tell them to stop. No way. But I often tell them to slow down. And here’s why.