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  • Ready, Fire… Aim!

    Personal Growth

    Identifying That Which is Most Important Most people don't take the time to identify their target first. We take life as...

  • The Importance of Asking Questions

    Personal Growth, Recent Articles, Video

    In this Leadership Toolbox video, learn from Steve Jobs as he talks about the importance of asking questions. Often we...

  • The Dark Side of Success

    Church Culture, Church Leadership, Leadership Essentials, Personal Growth, Recent Articles

    Samson is someone who had reached success but didn’t have the inner strength to sustain that success and the pressure of that success destroyed his life. He was someone who had a great start, but a poor ending.

  • Appealing to Those in Authority

    Church Leadership, Leadership Challenges, Leadership Essentials, Miscellaneous, Personal Growth, Recent Articles

    In life, each and every person will be under some kind of authority. Yet, “authority” is often misunderstood. Those in...


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  • The Gift of Friendship

    A Leader's Relationships

    We live in a world that’s crowded and busy, but lonely. We’re desperate for friend and there’s no better example...

  • Discovering Your Success Potential

    A Leader's Relationships, Church Culture, Church Leadership, Leadership Essentials, Personal Growth, Your Leadership Team

    God-Given Treasures The Bible says our dreams, hopes and potentials are God-given treasures: “But we have this treasure in earthen...

  • Contentment

    Church Culture, Church Leadership, Your Leadership Team

    The Goal of the Enemy’s Attacks: To Get You to be Dissatisfied with what You Have The devil’s tactic was...

  • Check Yourself

    A Leader's Relationships, Leadership Essentials, Personal Growth, Your Leadership Team

    When maturing in God, there are certain things we can’t expect others to do. One of those things is checking...